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True Tests!!!!!

Before we get started with today’s post I thought I would help to spread a rumor I heard yesterday on AM talk radio. I heard a rumor that Barack Obama may be considering offering John McCain a cabinet post as Secretary of Defense. I personally don’t believe it, but if it were true I think we all would know what the price is for selling out your supporters and intentionally losing your own election. It would explain some of the mistakes of McCain’s campaign though, although I reiterate I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!!!! I wonder how these rumors get started. Now for today’s post.

What I want to talk about today is some of the challenges in foreign policy that our President Elect will face when he takes office in January, particularly with regard to Russia and Iran. These two nations can and do pose serious threats to stability in the regions they inhabit and as a result they represent very negative influences in those places with their saber rattling. I am sure that most of you are aware that they are acting the way they are in an attempt to intimidate and influence the courses of action that Barack Obama may be considering within their sphere of influence.

Take Russia as the first example. They have not been very happy since the breakup of the Soviet Union. They have seen their dominance over large parts of Eastern Europe dwindle, since the fall of the Berlin wall. They have also seen many former communist countries that were part of the Soviet Union move steadily towards democracy. Most notably in the news cycle has been the former Soviet republics of Georgia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

I personally believe that Georgia’s move towards democracy is what prompted Russia’s attack against the fledgling democracy rather than any support for the two supposed break away provinces there. They almost certainly don’t want Georgia or any of its other former territories in NATO. Now you have the Russians threatening some sort of retaliation against Poland if the missile defense shield negotiated between the US and Poland is put in place. They supposedly feel that their own sovereignty is being threatened, which is not at all true.

As far as everyone’s favorite little Islamic extremist resort in the Middle East Iran is concerned. They are doing everything within their power to destabilize that region. They support the insurgents in Iraq and more than likely in Afghanistan. They are constantly sending arms and munitions as well as funds to militant groups operating in Iraq.

On top of which they just tested a new intercontinental ballistic missile and Russia wonders why a missile defense shield in Europe is important to us. Not to mention the fact that Israel is very happy about this new missile either. This new missile that Iran just tested operates on solid fuel and is a potential nuclear delivery system.

The master of the political gaff VP elect Joe Biden actually got it right for once. Barack Obama will be tested and tested very early in his Presidency. Fortunately for Obama there are some very good people already working on these very serious threats to our national security. Russia and Iran are just two of the threats our nation faces, other countries such as North Korea, Venezuela, Syria, and China to worry about as well.

I fervently hope that Barack Obama does not entirely dismantle the infrastructure that supports our intelligence and defense organizations. Now I know he might want to put his own people in charge at places like CIA as well as in the office of the DNI (Director of National Intelligence), but I don’t think he will be stupid enough to try to tear it all down and do it his way. I also hope that he will try to do more to make our national defense stronger. The last thing we or he can afford is another 9/11 on his watch.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Wednesday CIAO4NOW!!!!!


Joe Biden said it so well....Obama is going to deal with some big challenges and tests when he gets in the White House.

I'm really hoping he has the sense to keep our defense strong, as you mentioned. Our country has gone through a lot since 9-11. Today the finances of the country are in big trouble....we can't afford a terrorist attack on our are so right.

I truly hope that America has elected a president that will really keep us safe as a nation. Otherwise...the next 4 years could get interesting...........

November 12, 2008 at 1:01 PM  

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