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Due to circumstances beyond my control I will not be publishing an April 1st / Fools Blog. It seems I have to help the government bail out one of the Big Three automakers tomorrow. I will report on the success of my endeavors on Thursday, either that or I will report on something really important.

By the way, I wonder if you can guess how I am going to help bail this automaker out, and who they are. Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I was watching a news program that had Bill O’Reilly on as an interviewee rather than the interviewer. I can’t remember who was interviewing him partly because I wasn’t in the mood to watch news, and partly because I didn’t spend more than maybe thirty seconds on the channel as well.

What I remember about the interview though was a comment he made regarding the actor Sean Penn. He said he would not watch any of the actor’s movies even though he is an excellent actor simply because he did not agree with Penn’s political ideology. I found this to be intriguing, because I watch many movies with actors who have political beliefs that differ from mine and the same thing with some musicians whose music I enjoy.

Now I will grant you that the times we live in are very politically charged up. I will also agree that these celebrities have a public forum to say what ever they want on any subject and their celebrity status will almost guarantee that they will be heard. However I will tell you right now that being famous doesn’t make you intelligent or intellectual, it makes you popular and your that has nothing to do with how you apply your grey matter.

Here are a few celebrity personalities whom I enjoy seeing perform but don’t agree with on almost anything.

Eddie Vedder: This guy is an amazing singer song writer and I rock out with this guy all the time.
1- Bruce Springsteen aka (The Boss): Easily one of the most talented song writers and performers from my generation.
2- Billy Joel: Man he can tickle the ivories I love to hear him play.
3- Alec Baldwin: A very good actor. I loved him in “Hunt for Red October”.
4- Willie Nelson: Perhaps the greatest American troubadour of the last century.
5- Tom Hanks: The man with the Midas touch. I loved him in “The Polar Express”, and “The Da Vinci Code”.
6- Sean Penn: Perhaps the greatest character actor I have ever seen. I loved him in “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”.

These people are arguably some of the best and talented in their fields of endeavor, but that does not make them politically astute figures. I would have no problems what so ever sitting down to watch their films or go to their concerts, because they are good at what they do for a living. However I would not vote for a political figure or believe in something simple because they do.

They are here for me strictly for entertainment purposes and nothing more. I am an intelligent, educated, and motivated individual, who can do the research and come up with my own opinion, without having to come up with one based on someone else’s likability factor or celebrity status. I would hope that the same is true of those who read my blog’s. Apparently Bill O’Reilly needs to see things from a more enlightened perspective.

I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday and I will see you all again tomorrow CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Hello my friends and welcome to another installment of Simple Man Politics. Today’s topic is one I have had an opinion on for sometime, but of course I always do have an opinion on what I write about, so I guess that isn’t really news. However today’s topic is about news or more to the point newspapers and the idea that they need government bail outs to. As you are all aware of by now I have not favored bail outs for any businesses, so my opinion on newspaper bail outs will be no different.

It doesn’t matter to me whether your business is banking, insurance, investments, autos, news papers, or anyone for that matter. A free market capitalist economy/society has always had a survival of the fittest mentality, which means that the weak die and the strong survive. This philosophy is what ultimately makes a nations economy stronger. Unfortunately in this new age of entitlement that we are now suffering through, every hog is fighting for their place at the tax payer trough.

Now don’t get me wrong I used to enjoy reading the newspaper. When I was a kid I couldn’t wait for the Sunday paper to be delivered so I could read the comics. As a teen I added the sports page to my list of required reading from my local paper. When I became an adult my morning coffee and paper was a ritual that I was loathe to forgo, needing my information fix on local, state, and national news.

But as we all know times change. First with the advent of cable and ultimately the creation of the 24 hour news cycle it became possible for me to catch up on the news at the push of a button becoming my morning ritual of coffee and cable, instead of coffee and paper. With the creation of the internet and all of its resources it finally took the place of cable and coffee and became computer and coffee.

The great thing about all of this is that it has all happened in my lifetime, and I have welcomed the technology age with open arms, and so was delivered out of the dark ages and into the light. All of this has become possible because we had a growing economy willing to take advantage of cutting edge technology that has kept America at the forefront of the world economically, and eventually led to us being the sole remaining global superpower in the world.

In addition to all of that I have another reason for not wanting to see any newspapers getting government bailouts. The reason newspapers exist in the first place is to keep an eye on our government as well as the world to keep us informed. Unfortunately it has been proven that the newspapers are not looking out for us regular Joes anymore. Newspapers now have their own political agenda’s that they promote and are anything but fair and balanced in their reporting.

I personally don’t care whether a publication is left wing or right wing; they should not be picking sides in political fights. Their job is and should be reporting the news factually and accurately, without bias or prejudice. This rarely happens anymore and to the detriment of society I might add. Bailouts might make these newspapers supplicate themselves to the government making them unable to defend us against those they are supposed to be watching, the government.

I pay my bills, feed my family, put a roof over their heads, and clothes on their backs. Whether I am right or wrong we survive by the decisions I make every day, if I am right we swim, and if I am wrong we sink. There is no government program out there that is going to bail me out if I get in a little trouble. Sure there is unemployment and food stamp’s, but how long can you be a productive member of society on those pittances. So I say no government bailouts for me no government bailouts for anybody. My tax dollars should be working for me not big business, or Barack Obama and company.

That is all I have to rant about for today, but as usual I am sure I will find something else tomorrow. Have a marvelous Monday all, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

T.G.I.F. my friends I hope you have all had a good week and are looking forward to a great weekend, because I am. I am also sorry this post is coming to all of you so late today, but as the saying goes “life Happens”, and it happened to me today. Today’s blog is going to be on Mexico and the War on Drugs. Anyway let’s get started what do you say?

As I am sure you are all aware we have been fighting the war on drugs for decades. We have not always been successful in our efforts to stem the flow of illegal drugs into our country, but we have had our victories to. The war on drugs has lasted longer than the Vietnam War, the war in Iraq, and the war in Afghanistan combined. It has also cost more money than all three of those wars put together, and when you count the lives lost on all sides of the drug war the loss of life is immensely greater also.

This war has also been fought on many fields and fronts from Europe, the Far and Middle East, to central and South America, and now Mexico. Although for the record Mexico has always been a port of entry for smuggling drugs into the US the four Mexican cartels that are currently vying for supremacy as the reigning exporter of drugs to the states control the Mexican side of the border now and no one smuggles drugs into the US unless one of them gets paid.

The war on drugs in Mexico has really gotten bad on their side of the border in recent years. Many of the cartel members either have prior military or law enforcement experience. Some of these guys are even still serving in the Mexican military or as law enforcement officers inside of Mexico. Their training in weapons and technology make them far superior to other criminal organizations around the world.

The results of their expertise are immediately obvious to even the most casual observer. Their willingness to bring death to their adversaries with cool, calculated, efficiency is just one trademark of their talents demonstrated to their countrymen and the world on a near daily basis. Their expertise in exporting drugs to the US and importing weapons back into Mexico speaks to their talent for avoiding capture and arrest.

Now I am going to say something that most of you will find surprising, and that is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was right. She was right about the hunger and desire for the drugs that these cartels supply by many of our citizens, which makes us partially responsible for the drug trade that flourishes in Mexico. She was right about US weapons and money going to Mexico as partially our responsibility as well.

However I am quite sure that Mexico is at least as much responsible for these things as we are, after all it is their side of the border that US weapons and cash are smuggled across by these very cartels, in order for them to finance and wage their war on terror against the Mexican people. It is also across their side of the border that the trafficking in illegal narcotics begins.

For the record though I don’t think that it is necessary for our Secretary of State to apologize to the Mexican government for their criminal elements and their lack of ability to police those criminals. It is not our fault that their government officials, law enforcement officers, and military personnel are corrupt. We are not responsible for their current economic instability either.

In one way or another, American dollars are Mexico’s biggest import, whether it is by illegal immigrants sending a portion of the money they earn here back to Mexico, or the profits from drugs that get smuggled back into their country by the drug cartels. Mexico is responsible for their own economic problems by utilizing a de-facto caste system where the few rule the rich like the royals and the serfs in 15th century Europe.

The truth is that the major export from Mexico to the US is Cannabis Sativa although they do import cocaine and heroin into the US as well. However if we were to not only decriminalize marijuana, but legalize it as well most of the problems on the border would disappear overnight. Well that and actually do something on our side of the line with a real border security plan like building the fence, increasing border agents, and applying 21st century technology to the task.

Well that is all I have to rant about here at Simple Man Politics for today. I hope you all have an awesome weekend and I will be back again next week, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

My god there is so much to write about that I really don’t know where to start or what to write, about so I am going to have to decide this with a flip of a coin so I will be right back. Well it was tails and as the saying goes tails never fails, so today’s target is none other than everyone’s favorite tax cheat Tiny Tim (Turbotax) Geitner.

Geitner really is an easy target though, because he has all of the personality, charisma, and intelligence of a pet rock. There is also the fact that he knew about things like the AIG bonuses way before he said he did. There is even a rumor floating around that he was involved in some way with AIG before they even received their first bail out.

Of course I don’t promote rumors I just report the facts and you can decide for yourself. That is why we are going to address a couple of other things that Tiny Tim is up to that I can substantiate with facts today.

One of these things is the administration and Geitners attempt to gain authority over any business they deem a risk to the economy simply by saying they may be in jeopardy and the other is the new global currency plan he favors with China.

On the subject of Geitner gaining the authority to take over a major corporation based simply on the notion that they might be in financial trouble and could wreak havoc on the economy is simply not a good idea. If this law is passed it would mean that he could take any business he wanted to without any checks and balance system in place to make him prove his position with regard to the company.

He would be able to take over a business that is operating profitably, creating jobs, and stimulating the economy for the benefit of the government. This would give the government ownership control of the business and its profits. He would not even have to prove his position, which would put any business in the bad position of losing its autonomy.

These businesses would not even being able to defend themselves against what would in reality be a hostile takeover by Geitner and the US government. The next thing you know all financial, transportation, and healthcare business would be the exclusive province of Uncle Sam and we will be on the road to the point of no return, and the same also applies if Geitner and the administration manage to globalize our currency.

The globalization of all currency as proposed by the Chinese government and supported by Tiny Tim would be another step to take us down the road to socialism. This would ultimately devalue US currency down to the level of at least 2nd world nations such as China and Russia, and maybe even lower if the global recession continues on a downward spiral.

The effect of this on our economy would truly be catastrophic to. Prices on all sorts of items like foodstuffs, gasoline, and homes would skyrocket out of the tax payers reach. Our export markets would shrivel up, while at the same time making it all but impossible to import items to the US because the cost of transporting them here would be beyond our abilities.

Our current administrations policies towards dealing with our economy are so far to the left that even those who are openly European Socialists have said that Obama and his party’s plans for our economic recovery is the road to hell. Now I don’t know about anybody else but when those people make that distinction about our President it worries me greatly.

That is all I have to say for now and I hope you all have a fantastic day. I will be back again tomorrow, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Finally someone is going to get to see “Hillary: The Movie”, but unfortunately it is not because it has been released for public viewing, it is because it is at the center of a Supreme Court case regarding the governmental regulation of a political film as a campaign ad. The decision in this case might well determine how people can make movies and educate the people about them.

David Bossie who is a former congressional aide produced the Clinton movie as well as another film titled “Obama: The Hype Effect”. David Bossie ran into legal problems regarding both of these films because he wanted to release them during Hillary’s run for the White House and in Obama’s case during his general election campaign against John McCain. Bossie says that both of these films are about important moments in American politics, but do not tell people not to vote for either Clinton or Obama.

“Hillary: The Movie” was originally shown in eight theaters, and Bossie’s group also wanted to run ads on television and as well as show the movie on cable TV’s video-on-demand in key election states at the height of the primary season. Unfortunately federal courts cited the McCain Feingold law saying that Bossie’s ads would violate that law.

The judges went on to say that the movie was a 90 minute attack ad ruling that if the ads appeared on TV Citizens United would have to identify its financial backers and if the movie appeared on cable television not only would Citizens United have to name it’s financial backers, but they would also have to pay the costs to air the film.

This of course prompted Citizens United to appeal to the SCOTUS arguing that their film is not a political ad, but rather a documentary style film comparable to those shown by “Frontline”, “Nova”, and “60 Minutes.” Theodore Olson who represents Citizens United stated that while “Hillary” does present a critical assessment of Clinton’s political background it does not convert the movie into an appeal to vote against Senator Clinton.

Michael Moore the filmmaker who was responsible for the controversial film “Fahrenheit 9/11” also ran into problems when he tried to air his film criticizing President Bush during the run up to the Presidential election in 2004. The people responsible for throwing up the road block that stopped Moore from airing the film was none other than Citizens United. David Bossie went on to say that Moore’s recognition of the power of documentary film is what inspired him to make this film.

Forget for the moment that this movie is nothing more than political entertainment. From what I have been able to gather it also hits the viewer very hard with the truth about Hillary Clinton and one of those truths is that she is a very dangerous, ruthless, and evil political player. She is also a politically motivated creature that just like her husband Bill Clinton craves the power that comes along with being President.

She has lied over and over to the American people on everything from Whitewater to the White House travel issue. She will say whatever she has to at the moment and hope we will forget that she said it later, and that is the truth. She is certainly one of the most liberal figures in the Democratic Party and next to Obama and almost as much a socialist as well. She is the perfect political chameleon, because you never know who she is going to turn into next.

Today is the day that the SCOTUS hears the case and I really hope that the Supreme Court treads lightly when considering this case from both sides. Not only is the infringement of free speech at risk here, but so is freedom of the press and our own right to pursue certain forms of entertainment as our pursuit of happiness all of which are guaranteed us by the Constitution.

With other films currently out there like “W”, “Fahrenheit 9/11”, “Frost Nixon”, and “An American Carol” Who has the right to say this is not politically motivated entertainment or to censor it for that matter. Is there anyone out there who knows better than you what forms of entertainment you enjoy, whether it is books, music, magazines, or movies? I don’t think so, because I know exactly what I like to watch, read, or listen to better than anyone else does.

I hope you all have enjoyed this post and the video I am including with it. Remember silencing David Bossie’s voice is the prelude to the government silencing all of us especially those of us who disagree with them. Have a terrific Tuesday, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Citizens United:

Hillary: The Movie:

Federal Election Commission:

Background on the case:

I was looking through all of my stuff I have in a folder I call political stuff. This is a folder on my machine that I keep in the hopes of one day actually writing about some of the stuff in it. Anyway I came across a transcript of an interview between Milton Friedman and Phil Donohue that took place way back in 1979. I also found a part of that interview at YouTube and watched it and it was very interesting.

Milton Friedman born July 31, 1919 and died November 16, 2006 was an American economist, statistician and well known public intellectual. He has also won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences, and was well known for his research into consumption analysis, monetary history and theory, and his demonstration of the complexity of stabilization policy.

Milton Friedman was based out of the University of Chicago he had great influence in shaping the entire profession as well as its research agenda. He wrote many different articles, papers, and books on microeconomics, macroeconomics, economic history, and public policy issues. He also did several television, video and lectures on these subjects also. He was also a leader of the Chicago School of Economics, which is at the University of Chicago.

Milton Friedman was originally a Keynesian supporter of what was called the new deal and an advocate for higher taxes. His belief system ultimately changed and he became a staunch supporter of the capitalist system and at one point even refuted his former Keynesian beliefs by claiming that monetary policy could have prevented the great depression and said that Keynesian policies would cause stagflation.

He points out in his interview with Phil Donahue that there has been no successful economy that did not have a capitalist agenda and free trade and that history proved this theory. He also debunked Donahue’s attempt at proving that a capitalist society rewards those willing to manipulate the system and that those who can’t manipulate the system or who have higher virtues suffer.

Anyway I just thought I would write a little about this historically important figure who was instrumental to the success of our economy. If he wasn’t influenced so much by his close friend George Stigler he would not have advocated many of the policies that made our economy the envy of the world under such figures as Ronald W, Reagan our 40th President.

I am including the Donahue interview video for you to watch. I hope you all have an excellent day, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I was watching Glenn Beck on Fox News on Friday and saw the most interesting video on his show. It was a video depicting Thomas Paine and the 2nd American Revolution, and he later interviewed the actor in the video as well. I found the man fascinating and insightful for so short an interview.

The man who portrays the 21st Century Thomas Paine is a man by the name of Bob Basso born in Hawaii but grew up in Brooklyn New York the son of the borough Fire Chief. He tells Glenn that he grew up during the best of times and the worst of times. He remembered the night before Pearl Harbor and how after Pearl Harbor America proved her strength by pulling together and putting differences aside to accomplish the nation’s recovery.

Now this concerned citizen and patriot is crusading against all of the corruption and greed that is coming out of Washington D.C. right now. He is obviously upset about all of this tax payer money going to bail out big business and to create big government without any regard for how we the tax payer feels about it.

He wants us and the politicians to remember that they serve us because we have elected them and if we don’t like the way they serve we can get rid of them with the same vote that elected them. Basically he wants everyone to know that the ultimate power lies with the voter. While I may not agree with everything in his video I do agree with his dissatisfaction over how all of this is being done without consulting the people.

Glenn told hi m that he first saw the video when someone posted it on his 9/12 project website and how he was amazed at the way the Thomas Paine character spoke He told Basso that those feelings were the same for him and that was why he started the 9/12 project. Glenn also didn’t agree with all of Basso’s ideas for dealing with Washington, but none the less agreed that something should be done.

The last thing that they discussed was all of these tea parties that are currently going on around the country regarding all of this taxation and wealth distribution. I think this is a good idea and I will be attending a tea party here in Phoenix next month. I will also be getting video of the event, which I will post on here for all of you to see. I highly recommend that you watch the Glenn Beck interview with Bob Basso, which I am including in this blog.

I hope you all enjoy the video and leave me a comment telling me what you thought about it. Have a great day, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Welcome to all of you to the Simple Man Politics T.G.I.F. post, and I’m going to try to make this one short and sweet…..hopefully so bear with me please.

Today I want to talk about the bailout, the companies bailed out, and who exactly is responsible. This really is not all that complicated an issue, you just have to look at who was and currently is responsible for keeping an eye on the banks and lending institutions where the problems started and the answer as to who is responsible is right in front of our faces every day.

We all know that this whole mess started with the housing market tumbling into the crapper. Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae getting involved in the sub-prime mortgage business and being forced to make those loans to people who could not afford to pay the mortgages they were given. Of course there was plenty of warning that these two governmentally created and sponsored companies were in trouble but those responsible just blew it off and said there was no trouble there.

When Freddy and Fanny fell that of course caused a domino effect that ran the financial markets, banks, and mortgage industry that was almost so catastrophic that recovery appeared all but impossible. Investment companies like Lehman Brothers and banks such as Citigroup and Bank of America found themselves with virtually no cash or assets to finance their businesses because of their involvement in the sub-prime crisis as well.

The people who are responsible for this mess are at the heart of the problem still and in charge of these companies even as we attempt to prop up these companies along with the big three auto makers who have found themselves incapable of selling their cars due to a frozen credit market. Of course there is also AIG who just can’t seem to get their act together and are constantly tripping themselves in the public eye.

While you can point the finger at both houses of congress and the Democrats in particular there are only two people who were responsible for keeping Freddy and Fannie on the straight and narrow. However they had no interest in doing so because they profited the most from campaign contributions and the like from those two failed entities. I am talking about Chris Dodd and Barney Frank.

Senator Chris Dodd (D) did then and currently still chairs the Senate Banking Committee in the upper house. Representative Barney Frank (D) during this whole fiasco chaired the House Financial Services Committee and is still in that position. These two crooks profited from hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to their campaign coffers from Fanny and Freddy.

These two criminals were also instrumental in forcing Fanny and Freddy along with other banks to make bad loans to people who couldn’t afford to pay those loans back even though these corporations didn’t want to do business that way. All of this under the guise of the Community Reinvestment Act although all it really was about was the greed of these two, organizations like ACORN, and their sleazy cohorts that ran some of these businesses.

So the next time you see the liberal media sounding off in mock indignation about who is responsible just remember Dodd and Frank. I’m sure that the Obama administration and Turbo tax Tim Geitner may be responsible for some things now, but Dodd and Frank were responsible then and they still are now. These two should at least be investigated and at the most be stripped of their chairmanships and prosecuted.

Well so much for short and sweet. I will be back next week and I hope you all have a fantastic weekend CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Today instead of talking about US politics I want to talk to talk about Ireland, the UK, and the politics of colonialism. I know that this is not my usual bailiwick, but I do believe that it deserves some attention. There are many problems over there and there have been for years. These problems include British colonialism, religion, politics, and good old fashioned hate, and today we are going to take a look at all of them.

Back in its day Britain was what you would call a colonial power. They fought, conquered, and colonized many different nations around the world from India, Australia, and South Africa, to Scotland, and Ireland.

The royal families that ruled Britain believed that it was their destiny to rule the whole of the world and attempted to do so very violently. With their exceptionally well trained military and navy they were very successful at colonization for hundreds of years.

Religion was one of the tools that Britain used in its attempted conquests of the nations it sought to occupy and colonize. They supported the Protestants in Ireland against their Catholic opposition. The used the Church of England as a tool of enforcement against their own people who eventually came to the Americas and formed the colonies. They even forced people in countries like China’s Hong Kong, the Aborigines in Australia, and the African tribes to accept Christianity or be subject to ridicule and cruelty.

Politics was often the driving force behind Britain’s war-like colonial ways. If a country or location didn’t subscribe to Britain’s political beliefs then they were more often than not the target of conquest and colonization.

The British were historically unhappy with any nation who didn’t view their geo-political beliefs and sought to beat them into submission. Just look at how long and how many times France and England have been at war for the last thousand years.

Hate is the very basic emotion that ultimately doomed the British Colonial Empire to fail with very few exceptions. In the case of the United States it was taxation without representation that caused the war that ended English rule here, we hated it. It ultimately led to their defeat and removal from virtually all of its former colonies. Unfortunately hate is what still drives certain factions within Ireland and Northern Ireland in particular and until that issue can be resolved there will never really be a complete peace there.

I will tell you that parts of my family has been invested in the troubles in Ireland since they began. Members of my family resided in the north within the five counties, but mostly from Cork. They were Irish, Catholic, and extremely proud. They also wanted Ireland independent and ruled by their own.

Since then the situation has evolved and some of the more radical factions have adopted a more socialist or even fascist idea of a free Ireland. I for one can’t say that I will ever live to see an Ireland free from British occupation and rule. I also cannot say that Ireland would be better without it. The British/Irish peace that was brought about in the late 90’s was a good start, but the struggle is not over.

Until the Irish are treated fairly and equally to all the citizens of the UK, and the violent factions are rooted out and disappear or cease to wage their guerrilla war against the United Kingdom total peace is only a dream. It is still possible but until then it is still an illusion.

I hope you all have a great day my friends, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I am sure you are all aware that yesterday I wrote about a subject where I am definitely not going to fall into the conservative column. I wrote about legalizing Cannabis Sativa for medicinal purposes and recreational purposes. So like I said I am more of a center-left thinker on that subject. Well I regret to inform all of my conservative readers that I am once again going to fall on the opposite side of them in today’s topic as well, and that is Stem Cell Research.

Stem Cell Research is of course another hot topic of contention and debate between pro and anti Stem Cell Research activists and I firmly believe that they both have some pretty good reasons for where their support falls on one side of the debate or the other. However I do not think that the possibilities of what can be achieved through Stem Cell Research can be ignored. I also believe that while research in this field is important we should be careful of playing god with it, because there can be only one god and none of us is he.

For me the subject hits very close to home, because diabetes runs in my family. I also am a father of a teenage Downs Syndrome boy. My grandfather also died from Alzheimer’s disease, although luckily I was not around to witness the mess it made out of his mind and his life. As a result Stem Cell Research for me is something I see as potentially finding the cure for all of these things in one form or another.

Recently Obama who I freely admit is not one of my favorite people in the world lifted the Bush era restraints that were imposed on Stem Cell Research, which I thought was possibly a bad thing if not handled correctly. He then signed a law just two days later banning federal funding of any research that leads to the destruction of human embryos. I personally think that he actually did something right with regard to Stem Cell Research.

I can name you one instance of where stem cell research has improved lives. At Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami Florida they have been conducting human trials on Beta Stem Cell transplantation into people with Type I diabetes. The only risk with this study was that since the body receiving them didn’t create them they might be rejected so there was rejection drugs involved in the treatments. Since that part of the study more than 90% of the Type I diabetes patients are now off of insulin and control their diabetes with diet and exercise.

Now they are in stage two of their research, which involves stimulating your own stem cells to increase insulin production in the Pancreas not only producing more insulin but making the Pancreas use it more productively. The individual who invented both processes is an Israeli doctor and scientist by the name of Rodolpho Alejandro. I know what you’re thinking but he is Jewish as well as Latin.

His only problem with getting his treatments approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is that his company holds all the patents on the pharmaceuticals and American drug companies can’t get their hands on them, so they lobby the FDA to keep the treatments from gaining approval. I guess the business of finding cures through this type of research is the cost of your health if you are not an American drug company.

In closing I would just like to add one more thing. I would like to add that while I think Obama potentially did the right thing with Stem Cell Research I still think that what ever we do had best be done with a great deal of caution and forethought. We are already beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel with some of this research and as long as there is no abuse of humans or human material we may just break on through to the other side and see some real progress soon.

Have a wonderful Wednesday and I will see you all again tomorrow, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

As you all know I for the most part consider myself to be a pretty conservative person. However there are a couple of things that I really take a more moderate to liberal view on and today’s subject is on of those things. You see today’s subject is the legalization of marijuana for medicinal purposes as well as the idea of marijuana legalization for general use.

This subject has been very hard fought by those for and against marijuana legalization for decades. I can understand why some would not want marijuana legalized, but by the same token I can understand why others would want to legalize it also.

I believe that the important question on the matter is whether or not it would be moral or immoral to legalize marijuana at all. I think I can shed a little light on that subject although by the end of this blog you will see that my opinion is a little bit biased.

Opposition to legalization:
Opponents of any legislation to legalize marijuana have a couple of reasons why they oppose legalization. One reason that they have is that marijuana is already an illegal drug and therefore should not be legalized.

Another reason for their opposition is that they believe that marijuana is not only addictive, but will lead to the use of harder and more dangerous drugs subsequently leading to addiction to those as well.

Their last reason for opposing marijuana legalization is that with all of the things out there currently for public consumption like alcohol and tobacco why do we need one more thing that might be considered a health risk.

Proponents of legalization:
Those that favor legalizing marijuana have a couple of arguments of their own. One of these arguments is that certain people with medical problems can use Marijuana to alleviate pain for things like cancer and glaucoma. They favor at least legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes.

Others who are also on the side of legalizing marijuana point to the fact that more criminal acts are committed by people under the influence of alcohol than on marijuana. They point to crimes like vehicular homicide, or manslaughter, murder, and domestic violence. They say that you never hear of anyone smoking a joint then beating on their wife and kids, or robbing a liquor store.

Supporters of legislation to legalize marijuana will also tell us that marijuana is not an addictive substance. They also point out that there is no scientific evidence to support marijuana as an addictive substance or that it leads to the usage of harder narcotic substances and addiction to them either.

Currently the state of California is considering legalizing, harvesting, and taxing marijuana for public use in their state. The reason for this is that the State of California as of right now has a budget deficit of more than 48 Billion dollars. They also point to a Department of Agriculture report showing that marijuana is the states largest cash crop bringing in more than citrus, which is the states 2nd largest cash crop and is responsible for about 7 Billion dollars of revenue to California. Marijuana production in California has been estimated to bring in as much as 20 Billion dollars a year and that may be a conservative estimate.

As far as I am concerned I lean more towards the legalization of marijuana than not. I believe that it should be legalized for medicinal purposes. I would further contend that the supporters of marijuana legalization are right and that it is not a harmful narcotic and should be legalized, produced, marketed, and taxed for public consumption. I am sure that there are those of you out there with opinions that differ from mine, but it is how I feel.

That is all I have for you guys today, but I will be back again tomorrow. Have a terrific day, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I’m here to tell you that we have an awesome Commander in Chief…..NOT!!!!!! I was watching Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News Friday night and I heard one of the most ridiculous things about President Obama that I have heard so far. Our fearless leader and Commander in Chief wants our veterans who have suffered service injuries while fighting overseas to pay for their medical care with private insurance. I swear can you even think of a more compassionate plan for our service people than that one, Obama must really care about those he commands, MY BUTT!!!!!

This is the guy who wants to nationalize healthcare so that everyone has medical insurance, because it is good for the people. Of course I guess our military personnel are not the equal of the entitlement mentality types who believe that the government owes them everything from medical insurance and money to god forbid maybe even work. That is if you can get their lazy asses to put down their pot and get up from in front of their cartoons long enough to even work part time.

Oh wait a minute I know why the entitlement crowd deserves everything and our military personnel don’t even deserve medical benefits, it is because the entitlement types voted for Obama while most of the military voted for McCain. Well hell if Obama is going to try to pay off the unions with card check, environmentalists with global warming policies that promote the lie, then why not try to payoff the welfare crowd for their votes as well.

Our men and women in uniform have no choice but to do as they are ordered to do. It doesn’t matter that they may not agree with our nation’s policies regarding national security and defense, but they do it anyway because that is the job they volunteered for. They go out all over the world to fight and sometimes die for this nation and when they are injured the man that is ultimately responsible for putting them in harms way wants to deny them the medical care that they deserve.

I don’t know about all of you, but this really pisses me off. Obama telling these fine men and women that they need to purchase private insurance to care for the wounds they received in battle for this nation is a big sign of disrespect to them and is a badge of dishonor that our President has earned and should have to wear if this travesty comes to pass.

That is all for now but I am sure that there will be more there always is. Have a great day and I will see you all again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. Check out these links.

Here we are not even 24 hours after I write about the deportation of all Mexican illegal aliens back to their own home land and now Obama is considering whether or not to send the National Guard to the US/Mexican border. Apparently he is considering this as an answer to the violence in the Mexican border towns of Juarez, Nogales, and Tijuana.

I can’t help but wonder that if we had been a little more aggressive in enforcing our immigration laws we might not have to worry so much about the violence spilling over into our country. It has been reported by Fox News from several state and federal officials that representatives from the Mexican cartels who are at war are in the US acting as gang members in cities like Phoenix, Atlanta, and Birmingham.

These animals who make up the Mexican drug cartels are more of a threat to our national security than anyone in Afghanistan or Pakistan right now. The four main cartels currently field a combined armed force on the ground of at least 100,000 men. Fortunately they are in the process of killing each other right now instead of American citizens.

I think one of the main obstacles to this problem could have been erected a few years ago when it was voted on and approved by President Bush and both houses of congress and that is the border fence. Instead the bleeding heart liberals who are now running our government along with the RINO’s who were in both houses have thrown up road block after road block in their on going effort to stop it from being built.

In the mean time they now support amnesty for those here illegally and some of those are directly involved with the very criminals who are now getting away with the wholesale slaughter that is occurring daily just to the south of us. The also allow sanctuary cities to openly welcome, house, and protect illegal’s from federal authorities who are trying to enforce the immigration laws.

Did you know that right now the FBI under authority from DHS (Department of Homeland Security) who is now ran by Janet Napolitano the former Governor of the state of Arizona is investigating Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio for enforcing the immigration laws in his own county? This is because Napolitano supported the idea of sanctuary cities in Arizona, and she couldn’t stop Arpaio from enforcing the law because the Feds certified his deputies and helped to fund them.

Now to add insult to injury the Democrats want to give these illegal’s access to our Social Security trust fund when they have never paid a dime into it. What they should do is put the funds in to US Customs and The Border Patrol so they can boost their manpower and defend the border. Although if they had done all of this when they were told it was necessary we wouldn’t be talking about militarizing our southern border now.

I personally don’t think that Obama will do anything until it is to late and damage has been done, then he will just say he inherited the problem and blame all of it on G.W. Bush, because everything is Bush’s fault. How ludicrous does that sound, but trust me I am sure that is what he would do.

That’s all I have to rant about today my friends. T.G.I.F. and have a terrific weekend, I will see you all next week, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I was trying to figure out what to write about today and couldn’t come up with anything that I haven’t written about before, so I decided to revisit a subject that I haven’t written about in a while. The subject for today is going to be about illegal immigration, but with regard to strengthening our economy and job creation. Whether you realize it or not illegal immigration has a great impact on our economy and jobs. The inspiration for this blog is of course an email one of you sent me.

Let me start off by asking you these questions, what do Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower have in common? They have all used mass deportation of illegal immigrants from Mexico in order to create jobs and rebuild the economy. You may not believe it but it is true. All three of these US Presidents did so at times in our history when we were in dire need of jobs for US citizens as well as in need of a stronger economy for our people to thrive in.

When we were suffering from what is now called the great depression the 31st President Herbert C, Hoover (R) ordered the deportation of illegal aliens so that American citizens who so desperately needed work would have jobs available to them.

The 33rd President Harry S, Truman (D) deported over 2 million illegal aliens after the 2nd World War in order to create jobs for returning US veterans returning home as well as those already here.

The 34th President Dwight D, Eisenhower (R) in 1954 deported 13 million Mexican Nationals during Operation Wetback so that both WWII and Korean War veterans got a shot at getting work. It took two years, but they were deported.

This all leads me to my next question and that’s with our economy in such turmoil, jobs disappearing left and right, and an illegal immigration situation that is out of control, why can’t our elected officials enforce the law and get rid of the cancer we suffer from and deport it back to whence it came MEXICO? If Hoover, Truman, and Eisenhower could do it back then I’m sure Obama could do it now. Although I am sure Obama would rather give them Social Security and food stamps than obey the law.

That’s all for now my friends, but I will be back tomorrow with the T.G.I.F. post, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

The last 24 hours have seen some serious spending in D.C, to the tune of 410 Billion dollars. This pork laden omnibus spending bill designed to run the government until next year has just pushed the national deficit to over 1.3 Trillion dollars. There appears to be almost 9,000 earmarks in this bill totaling something like 9 to 11 Billion dollars. Granted this is not a very significant amount when compared with the entire bill, but these earmarks are a definite waste of tax payer dollars.

Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid who are Obama’s staunch allies and the thugs responsible for pushing this monster pork filled spending bill through both houses of congress have once again managed to do as they please with little or no road blocks thrown up to help streamline the bill in any way. This bill went effortlessly through last night and it is a shame.

Barack Obama who had said that he was all for earmark reform in spending bills, didn’t hesitate to sign the bill into law even as he called for tough earmark reform before a televised press conference. His only defense for signing the bill was that he had inherited the bill from the last administration, which is certainly true. However I think that in light of our current economic distress Obama and hid cohorts should have removed the earmarks prior to passage.

Don’t for one minute think that the Republicans in both houses are going to get a pass from me on this garbage. Even though approximately 60% of these earmarks belong to Democratic Senators and Congressmen, 40% of this earmark crap falls squarely on the shoulders of Republicans in both houses so much for fiscal responsibility from the party of conservatism.

While the votes in both houses on this bill were split largely on party lines there appears to be no real effort by other side to control spending. The republicans also seem to not care about the behemoth that our government is becoming. It seems we are becoming a nation of government for the government rather than for the people. Hell we now have more czars in our government than ruled Russia.

The sad part is that the Dem’s led by Pelosi are already looking into another stimulus package and we aren’t even passed Obama’s first 100 days in office. On top of all of that we are still pumping money into a failed auto industry, AIG, and banking institutions such as Citigroup, and B of A. I got to tell you that Costa Rica is looking better all the time, or maybe the Cayman Islands, but as an American I won’t run away from these problems, but I will run towards a good business opportunity.

I hope you all have a wonderful evening, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

While we are waiting to find out whether or not the 410 Billion Dollar omnibus spending bill gets passed today in the Senate, I think we should take about something as important energy. Specifically I think we should talk about oil and how we can end our dependence on foreign oil, and the activist group responsible for blocking the ability to do so.

In April 2008 the USGS (United States Geological Survey) issued a revised report based on how much oil is in the North Dakota, South Dakota, and Montana. The original report which was completed in 1995 didn’t even come close to the numbers contained in the 08 report and the numbers are amazing.

The Williston Basin or as it is more commonly known as “The Bakken” is the largest domestic oil discovery since Alaska’s “Prudhoe Bay”. The information contained in the report states that “The Bakken” has the potential to eliminate all dependence on foreign oil for the US. The EIA (Energy Information Administration) estimates the yield at 503 Billion Barrels of oil. The beautiful part of this is that the oil is light sweet crude, which would only cost Americans 16 Dollars per barrel, and could fuel the American economy for the next 41 years.

As if this isn’t enough good news the Stanberry Report Online reported the find of the largest oil reserve in the world and it is hidden 1,000 feet beneath the surface of the Rocky Mountains. It has been said that the size of this field is as much as 2 Trillion barrels of oil. In 2005 President George W, Bush mandated the extraction of oil from this field, but to date none of these resources have been recovered. With all of this oil within our land based borders why are we arguing over off shore drilling.

The reason the fight to become independent of foreign oil, off shore drilling, and land based drilling is still going on is because of a small group of environmentalists and a few others who have decided it is in our own best interest to pay exorbitant oil and gas prices rather than energize and power our own economy.

James Bartis, the lead researcher with the study says we have more oil within this compact area than the whole of the Middle East with a total of more than 2 Trillion barrels making the US the holder of more oil than all of the proven oil reserves of crude oil in the world today. If tapped this could force OPEC to drop its prices dramatically. There is a rumor that OPEC funds the environmentalist movement in this country anyway to stop the extraction of these reserves.

Here are the official estimates comparing these finds to the oil producing nations of OPEC.

8 times more oil than in Saudi Arabia
18 times more oil than in Iraq
21 times more oil than in Kuwait
22 times more oil than in Iran
500 times more oil than in Yemen

Remember folks all of this oil is right here in the continental United States, shocking isn’t it.

If you wish to check out this information yourself please feel free to do so. You can either Google it or follow the link at the bottom of this post. I hope you all have a fantastic day and I will be back again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I was driving along Friday listening to one of my favorite conservative talk radio shows when the host brought up something that made me sit up and take notice to what he was saying. He brought up the fact that Barack Obama is the first American President ever allowed to carry a personal communications device. I am not talking about a cell phone either I am talking about his personal Blackberry device.

The reason I found this so disturbing is that all Presidential communications including his personal communications are considered matters of public record under the FOI (Freedom of Information) Act, except for matters of National Security, and the host corroborated my thoughts. Of course not even those of National Security are completely confidential as those with the required Security clearances have access to them.

Another interesting tidbit of information that I learned was the fact that all Blackberry communications are untraceable, WOW can you imagine that untraceable. Does that mean that not even our friends at the NSA with their state of the art listening technology and intelligence gathering apparatus can bug a Blackberry? What can President Obama possibly need with a device like that and who is he secretly communicating with?

Now I know what you are all thinking, this sounds like I’m about to become a conspiracy theorist. Well normally I am not one of those kinds of people, but it seems to me that Obama is being accorded a privilege that no other US President has ever enjoyed. President George W, Bush has even acknowledged that he ceased sending emails to his daughter’s from his computer at the White House because they were not private, so why should Obama not have to be scrutinized under the same microscope?

Does Obama regularly communicate with people that the citizens of the United States might not find appropriate? Maybe Obama consults with the homegrown terrorist Bill Ayers on matters of education policy, or with the Reverend Jeremiah Wright on matters of domestic policy. Who knows maybe Obama even consults with terrorists like Rashid Khalidi or Khalid al Mansour on matters of defense and security policy. Maybe he even has Tony Rezco on speed dial up at the penitentiary so he can get economic and financial advice. These are just the sort of people we need looking out for our best interests.

Now I don’t pretend to know what Obama is doing with his Blackberry device and chances are it is not something as devious as the scenario I just mentioned, but since I just professed to not having the necessary knowledge to tell you what he is doing with the device, then who does?

I will say this though and that is that President Obama should not be shown any special consideration that hasn’t been shown any past President. It will cloud his promise of transparency and we can’t have him breaking a campaign promise now can we? Of course who am I an American and tax paying citizen to demand that my President be open and forthcoming about his day to day affairs in the White House I help to pay for?

That is all I have for now, but you need to think about what I just said and decide what you think and believe. Have a great day, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Well what do you know, the Republican members of the US Senate finally got up the backbone to challenge the 410 Billion Dollar spending bill that had made its way to the Senate for a full vote. I wonder if the RINO’s were involved in forcing the Democrats to put off the final vote so they can sweet talk enough Republicans to get the votes they need or if the Blue Dog Democrats were the cause of the pause.

Who ever was the catalyst for this disruption has my thanks as long as they can keep the bill from passing as is. If the RINO’s alone are responsible for making the Democrats come up 1 vote shy of the 60 needed to send it to the President to sign off on I would be surprised. More than likely some of those Democrats I mentioned help to stall the measure before the final vote that forced Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to put it off at least until Monday of next week.

In the meantime the Senate will have to vote on and pass a stopgap budget bill so that the government can continue doing business until they sort out this pork laden monstrosity and get enough votes to pass it. Part of the problem appears to be the way it impacts changes in US policy towards Cuba. Of course it also appears that the cost of this thing has a few of the Democrats nervous about it as well.

What is surprising to me also is that Obama’s resident yes man inside the GOP former Republican Presidential candidate and still Senator from Arizona John McCain had come out against the bill a few days ago and came out strongly against it yesterday. I have to wonder if the new leader of the Conservative Movement Rush Limbaugh has finally gotten the message through to those knotheads on Capitol Hill and put the fear of the voter into them.

That’s all for this week I hope you all have a marvelous weekend. I will see you all next week, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I am not sure, but I think I might have been partially wrong about our new President and his administration when I called them a socialists. That does not mean that I don’t believe that he has any socialist policies, because he obviously does. He has also appointed some admitted and committed socialists to high posts within his administration. The reason I believe that I may have been partially wrong about him and his administration being socialists is that they may very well be communists at least to a degree.

Take it easy now and don’t pop a blood vessel just yet and let me explain. As you are probably aware I receive a vast amount of political emails from people and organizations. Some of these are humorous, some are stupid, and some are serious, but I look through them all in an attempt to find the gold nugget of news worthy truth in every one of them. The information I am about to give you came from one such email a friend and fellow blogger who has written for my blog a time or two, and her name is Joy and you can find her blog here.

The email that Joy had sent me contained a link to a site called American Thinker and you can find the page I am talking about here. The title of this particular blog is “Bingo! Call It Communism”. What it basically talks about is the CPUSA’s (Communist Party of United States of America) platform and support of Barack Obama’s election and now administration you can find them here. What I found on both of these websites sent a chill up my spine and it was 83 degrees here in the Valley of the Sun yesterday.

According to the American Thinker there are 44 items in the CPUSA’s platform that they advocate and promote for our government to achieve their agenda of a new communist government for the United States of America. Randall Hoven who wrote this blog for the American Thinker posted the 44 item platform in his blog as well as a link to the CPUSA site with their manifesto in PDF format that you can download there.

In the Randall Hoven blog he clearly shows the reader the platform, what things in the platform that have already been achieved, and what still needs to be implemented according to the CPUSA manifesto. According to the information that he supplied and my research I have found his blog to be factually accurate. Out of 44 items in the CPUSA platform 22 items have already been implemented, 21 are in the progress of being implemented, and only 1 of these items have been violated.

What this means for the citizens of the United States is that we are half way towards becoming the ideal communist country and workers paradise. Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that I know what is going on in the Mind of Barack Obama, because even I am not that twisted, well at least I don’t think so. But I have been extremely suspicious of the anointed one Barack Obama since he first appeared on the horizon as a Presidential hopeful.

All I ask of you my readers is that you take a look at the information I have given you and make your own decisions as to what you think or believe about this. As for me I feel that I believe what is said about this subject and that he may actually be a committed communist although he will never admit it. I already know that is at the very least a socialist and that is dangerous enough.

I hope you all have a great day and I will see all of you again very soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

It now appears that President Obama is attacking anther Bush rule that was enacted in the last days of his administration. This rule reinforced protections for medical providers who would refuse to perform abortions or other medical procedures on moral grounds, such as religious beliefs.

DHHS (Department of Health and Human Services) said that the administration will publish the notice of its intentions early next week, while at the same time opening up a 30 day comment period for advocates, medical groups, and the public.

It came as no surprise that President Obama while running for the Presidency criticized the regulation, and his aides promised that if he were to be elected he would review the rule. What that meant was that he would rescind the rule because it could interfere with his nationalized healthcare plan by subverting government’s authority to force medical providers to comply in order to receive federal funds.

If we are to recognize freedom of religion and speech of all faiths then I believe that we should recognize Christianity as well. If a physician has a moral objection to performing certain medical procedures then the physician should not be forced by the government to perform them.

I also realize that abortion is legal in this country and women have the right to choose how to deal with a pregnancy that is wanted or unwanted. This is a decision that also should not fall under the purview of government bureaucracy. By rescinding the rule you might not only violate the physician’s constitutional rights, but you might violate the rights of the woman as well.

I am here to tell you that I am not a man that is quick to hate another human being, and I am known by those that know me well to be extremely tolerant of other people, even those I think are stupid. However I can honestly say that every day I am drawing closer to being able to say that I hate our President and I don’t want to.

I am totally disgusted with this administrations attempt to do everything in its power to compromise this nation in every way. Whether it is on matters of defense, economic stability, tax payer money, healthcare issues, or faith he is leaving no stone unturned in an effort to bring us to a socialist government similar to France or worse yet Venezuela.

That is all I have to say for now, all of this makes me feel dirty and my conscience needs a cleanse to dispel all of this evil that is being thrust upon us. Have a good day my friends and I will see you again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

This week Barack Obama finally showed a little bit of transparency in government. I think that transparency in our government is a good thing, because it can produce trust between our President, lawmakers, and citizens. I firmly believe that we should exactly what our government unless it involves matters of national security, which could be compromised by making the information public. However I don’t think that in this case Obama did this for the good of the country.

Here is what our President did that was so transparent. He released a series of documents that had previously kept secret by the Bush administration that involved the war on terror. I think it may have been good to release these documents, but not for the reasons that I think Obama did so. I think Obama released these documents to divert attention from himself and his political agenda.

Some of these documents dealt with the detainee situation in Gitmo, and the interrogations there. They also contained information on extraordinary rendition, which means that our intelligence apparatus sent certain terrorist detainees to other countries in order to use more aggressive interrogation techniques. The documents also contained information on the wiretap policy of the Bush administration regarding terrorist conversations involving people inside the US. There was also data showing that the CIA had destroyed 92 videos of interrogations that they performed.

Personally I have no problems with the Bush Administrations policy regarding the war on terror. I don’t care anything about the Gitmo detainees other than they get what they deserve for going to war against us. By the same token I don’t care how we came by the information, because the bad guys would do even worse to us to get what they want. As far as wiretaps go if it gets the Islamofascists that we are fighting then it works for me I have nothing to hide in my phone conversations. I also think that the CIA should have aired those video tapes to show the American people what it takes to keep our nation safe.

Fortunately for us there was almost no new info in the documents that Obama released and most of it was common knowledge amongst the American population. The 92 videos information was new, but I don’t care that they destroyed them, because I don’t are to what light entertainment at dinner time. Like I said this was just Obama’s attempt to deflect attention from him so he can fly under the radar a little bit. This action was not transparency for transparencies sake, but transparency for Obama’s sake, so that he can try to hide the damaging policies he is instituting.

That is all for now and I am sorry you are getting this so late this evening, but like every other American I got to pay the bills first. I will be back again soon have a great evening, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Well my friends I have to tell you that CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) 2009 was definitely off the chain and I for one was extremely pleased with. I was very impressed with Newt Gingrich and the way he ripped on Obama’s policies and backed it up with the truth supported by actual facts. However I don’t think that he was the star of CPAC this time, I think the star this year is conservative radio talk sow host Rush Limbaugh.

That’s right I said Rush Limbaugh and here is why. Not since Ronald Reagan have I seen a conservative public figure speak as passionately or eloquently about the philosophy and values that a true conservative holds true to. Whether you like the man or not, you cannot deny that he really believes in his idea of the conservative American and what it means to believe in the core values of a true conservative.

Unfortunately he pointed out one flaw within the conservative movement and the Republican Party. That flaw is the willingness to toss the Reagan era into the waste basket as gone in order to attempt to appeal to the American people as forward thinkers and change brokers within the movement.

The conservative movement does not need to change its philosophy it needs to change its leadership and find a candidate that will best represent them as the party of compassion that they actually are. It is not evil to reward success, nor is it fair to punish success either.

Let us be honest here. Ronald Reagan inherited a recession worse than the one we have now from Jimmy Carter. The funny thing about that is that of all the financial catastrophes that Obama likes to point to in our history this is the one that he doesn’t ever mention why because a Republican President was the one who saved the economy.

Reagan did this by applying if you will pardon the term liberal tax breaks and incentives to all tax payers as well as business. He also shrunk the size of government and promoted the private sector/capitalism where ever possible. The result of these efforts was the largest peacetime economic growth in modern American history.

The best part of this was that it wasn’t accomplished by outrageous government spending at the expense of the tax payer creating debt that the next three generations would be responsible for. We didn’t have to go into debt to foreign countries either. We also didn’t have to print more and more money than we had and devalue the dollar. What Reagan did was to empower the people to be productive and as a competitive people we answered the call, accepted the challenge, and kicked some serious economic butt.

What that tells me is that Rush got it right at CPAC on Friday. It also tells me that Obama is horribly wrong. I personally hope that if Obama’s plan would truly help the people and the economy that it would succeed, but knowing that it is destined for abject failure I will have to side with Rush and hope that it fails miserably and fast, so that we can set about the business of doing the job right.

That is all I have for this bright and cheerful Monday and I hope you all enjoy this post. I am also adding a couple of videos for you all to watch so enjoy them to. One is the Rush Limbaugh at CPAC there are 10 parts all together, and the other is a Glenn Beck video that you might find interesting, especially since we are bailing out AIG…..again. I will be back again very soon so have a marvelous Monday, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

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