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I can understand why other nations and people would be upset about Barack Obama’s apparent lack of willingness about getting a little more forcefully behind those in Iran, that are protesting their obviously fraudulent Presidential election.

If I were President I would definitely be a more visible and vocal opponent of these elections, but I am not. Unfortunately for President Obama he is the President and it is his decision to make, not anyone else’s.

Obama and I both understand one very important aspect of this problem that everyone else seems to overlook, and that is that Iran is a theocratic democracy, which means that the Presidential candidates are picked by the mullah’s even though their citizens vote.

What this means at the end of the day for Iranians is that the mullah’s get the man they want for their President, regardless of what the rest of the world wants or their own people for that matter. Not even the anointed one Barack Hussein Obama has a say in the outcome there.

The reality is that we and the world have no control over the politics and policies in Iran. Another fact is that whoever the mullah’s choose for the world to deal with, is who they have deal with, and the world’s leaders have no choice in that matter either.

Another thing to remember to is that while Ahmadinejad is a loud-mouthed, impotent, ignoramus, and the opposition candidate Mousavi created the nuclear program for Iran in the first place, so what kind of ally would he be for us?

With all of this in mind I can appreciate Barack Obama’s wait and see attitude on the outcome of all the turmoil that the Iranian people are suffering over their sham of an election. However I don’t think Iran will be any easier to deal with when it’s all over.

I think in the end Mousavi will disappear, Ahmadinejad will be President, Iran will get their nukes, and either us or the Israeli’s will have to bomb that country and its poor people back into the stone age. Yes I mean use nukes against the great Persian Empire.

That’s all for right now, but I will be back again soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Well today has seen a lot of action on the hill in congress today. A lot of that action is centered on the 83.5 billion dollar emergency war fundi9ng bill that President Obama sought in April and is expected to sign very soon. Unfortunately just like every other bill involving money that comes out of congress and the administration, t is bloated with funds for things that are not associated with the original intent of the bill.

In this case by the time congress got done with re-writing the emergency war funding bill, the bill went from 83.5 billion dollars up to 105.9 billion dollars. Now there are pet projects for the lawmakers in it for things like “cash for clunkers” auto trade-in program, 2.1 billion dollars to purchase eight C-17 Globemaster airplanes, 5 billion for the IMF (International Monetary Fund). There is also 500 million dollars in earmark spending, which will go mostly to Mississippi.

We went from a newly elected President who had promised no earmarks or lobbyists, and a transparent administration to a politics as usual democratically controlled administration and congress. Politics as usual on the left side of the aisle is proving to be increasingly expensive to the American tax payer, and a danger to the nation with regard to national security. With their attempts at nationalized healthcare, education, and a reduction in defense spending in these dangerous times we are all in big trouble.

Unfortunately for us the average American citizen who does not support massively increasing the size of government and the national debt ten-fold before the end of Obama’s first term. I fear the damage may already be done and irreversible before we even see the 2010 mid-term elections. However with most of the so called moderate Republicans out there I think that even with a McCain Presidency things would not be all that much different.

Well that’s it for today my friends, but I’m sure I will find something else to complain about very soon. I hope you all have an excellent day and I will see you again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Well damn we are back to this whole slavery thing again. Apparently the US Senate passed a resolution calling on the US to apologize for enslaving and segregating black people. They also want everyone to recognize the injustice, brutality, and inhumanity of the Jim Crow laws and slavery.

I think that over the last 160 years approximately we have bent over backwards to apologize to the black community and make them feel like equals in this country. I really don’t think that they need another apology or even any reparations now or in the future. We are not the root cause of their slavery in this country in the first place.

If you really want to know who is responsible for the enslavement of the black people here in our country, then you need only look to the black peoples own kind on their own continent. Their own people sold into slavery the people that they defeated in war. They are responsible for creating the slave trade to the United States ands around the world as well.

The way I see it however is that those black people who came here in the bellies of those slave ships did not have it as bad as other people who were already here. Hell back in the time of slavery in the US we almost wiped out an entire race of people. You might know them as Native Americans or Indians. Back in those days they used to say that the only good Indians were dead Indians.

I swear to god for almost my whole life I have had to hear from black activists like the Black Panthers and Malcolm X who founded the Nation of Islam and others of their ilk that the poor black man was oppressed and abused by the white people. At least they had some value compared to the Native Americans of that time. I just wish that these people would grow up, get over it, and get on with their lives.

There is no one out there who says they can’t be anything they want to be. All they have to do is go to school, work hard, and obey the law then anything is possible for them to achieve. The next time they decide to whine about the plight of the black people they should look at the Native Americans then they will realize that they didn’t have it as bad as some others here.

While I may agree with the majority of our population that slavery was wrong, inhumane, and brutal to many I am not responsible for anyone’s enslavement. As far as that goes you can’t lay slavery at the foot of the south either, because there were slaves in the north as well. Anyone who says that the civil war was about slavery is stupid too.

The civil war was about a states right to secede from the Union. The south wanted to and the north didn’t want them to. While it is true that Lincoln freed the slaves he did as a way to do damage to the south’s economy so that they couldn’t produce goods to fight the war or purchase those goods.

As a consequence of all of this I will not be apologizing to the blacks for all that is related to slavery. Not only do I see no point in the resolution that the Senate passed I also don’t see the point in the disclaimer attached to it either. I will also not be offering any black person any reparations personally. The reason being that if they are American citizens with equal rights like any other American then, they don’t need any apologies or reparations.

I hope you all have a wonderful day and I will see you all later CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Welcome back to Simple Man Politics today my friends. I know I have not been doing much with this blog in the last couple of weeks, but that is about to change. However I will promise you that I am going to make this post short and sweet, because the person I want to discuss today is Pilocchio. (Pelosi)

It seems that this past Friday Nancy (Pilocchio) Pelosi went down to Houston to have an onstage interview done. The Progressive Forum that Pelosi addressed charged attendees anywhere from $19 up to $144 for the pleasure of hearing The Liar of the House and 3rd in line for the Obama throne.

Unfortunately for Pelosi and fortunately for the American people she didn’t make any headline news with her statements healthcare, energy, Afghanistan, and her autobiography. However it was very nice of her to attract the crowd of approximately 600 people who showed up outside the Wortham Center to protest against her.

The anti-Pelosi crowd that gathered outside of the Wortham Center was very boisterous, vocal, and angry with Pelosi and our current government. They heckled those who were attending the forum and would tell anyone from the media who would listen why they were there protesting.

The attendees also seemed to be having a good time with the protesters too. The continuously blew kisses, bowed, razzed, and in a couple of instances made obscene gestures at the protesters. It also appeared that none of the attendees were interested in engaging the protesters in any sort of debate,

Most of those that were protesting Pelosi appeared to very hardcore anti-Pelosi Tea Partiers. The video that I am including was even put together by the Houston Tea Party Society. It seemed that this Tea Party even had Wonder Woman in attendance.

While I applaud the protesters efforts I think that their message fell on the deaf ears of those listening to the lies being told inside. I hope you all have a great day, and I will see you later, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

As you all know Simple Man Politics was supposed to be on a hiatus of sorts for two or three weeks in order to get some other business taken care of, but I just couldn’t resist writing about today’s topic. Today’s topic is about Ginsberg, the Supreme Court, and Obamas bankruptcy plan for Chrysler including its purchase by Fiat.

It appears that liberal SCOTUS (Supreme Court of the United States) justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is not on board with the Obama administrations game plan to reward the UAW (United Auto Workers Union) with 60% of Chrysler, while giving the American tax payer about 30% of Chrysler, and the secure lenders less than 20% of Chrysler.

The result of this bankruptcy deal would have given virtually all of the UAW its losses back. The American tax payers would have gotten about 60 to 70% of their money back, and the lenders would have gotten about 15% of their investment capitol back. This plan of Obamas is surely a payoff to the union and a grand screwing for the investors and the American tax payers who should be paid off above and before the union.

Apparently the three judge panel for the federal district that Ginsberg represents kicked it up to her for review refusing to make a decision on the bankruptcy deal forcing Ginsberg to take the lead in deciding the outcome of this sham of a bankruptcy At that point Ginsberg got the whole Supreme Court involved in the issue, which further threw a monkey wrench into the Obama bankruptcy deal.

It looks like the constitutionality of this bankruptcy mess is now going to be decided by the SCOTUS and hopefully the constitution will be upheld. This is obviously not very good for the Obama administration or the UAW who stand to financially gain an enormous amount of money for their support for Barack Obama in the 08 Presidential election. According to lawyers who practice constitutional law this bankruptcy is in fact unconstitutional and here is why.

In a normal bankruptcy case Chrysler would have been allowed to continue its operations while going through its restructuring process. Auto dealers would have been allowed to remain in business serving their communities in both sales and services, the secured lenders and bondholders would have been first in line to re-coupe their losses, and Last but not least all labor contracts with the UAW would have been null and void.

Unfortunately Obama in his infinite wisdom thought he should circumvent the constitution and do things the way he wanted to. As a result of his actions to force the Chrysler bankruptcy and Chrysler/Fiat deal through it found its way to a federal appeals court and then to the SCOTUS. Apparently 150+ years of bankruptcy law precedent and the US constitution still hold water even in light of the Obama administrations obvious contempt for them.

The decision that the SCOTUS makes on the Chrysler plan may ultimately affect the Bankruptcy deal that is currently in place for General Motors as well. The resulting decision may do great damage to the UAW, which personally doesn’t offend me one little bit. The decision could also result in both the tax payers and the lenders getting the bulk of their investments back, which I consider to be fair. The SCOTUS may also put an end to the Obama administrations plans on wealth distribution on a large scale, which I ma also in favor of.

Well that’s it for today folks and I am glad I was able to talk to all of you once again. I will be back again soon I hope so have a terrific day CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I don't really have any political topic to discuss with all of you today. However this video was originally sent to me in an email and I thought it was worth sharing with you guys. Besides I didn't want all of you to think that I just fell off of the planet. I hope you all have an awesome weekend, T.G.I.F. CIAO4NOW!!!!!

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