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I can understand why other nations and people would be upset about Barack Obama’s apparent lack of willingness about getting a little more forcefully behind those in Iran, that are protesting their obviously fraudulent Presidential election.

If I were President I would definitely be a more visible and vocal opponent of these elections, but I am not. Unfortunately for President Obama he is the President and it is his decision to make, not anyone else’s.

Obama and I both understand one very important aspect of this problem that everyone else seems to overlook, and that is that Iran is a theocratic democracy, which means that the Presidential candidates are picked by the mullah’s even though their citizens vote.

What this means at the end of the day for Iranians is that the mullah’s get the man they want for their President, regardless of what the rest of the world wants or their own people for that matter. Not even the anointed one Barack Hussein Obama has a say in the outcome there.

The reality is that we and the world have no control over the politics and policies in Iran. Another fact is that whoever the mullah’s choose for the world to deal with, is who they have deal with, and the world’s leaders have no choice in that matter either.

Another thing to remember to is that while Ahmadinejad is a loud-mouthed, impotent, ignoramus, and the opposition candidate Mousavi created the nuclear program for Iran in the first place, so what kind of ally would he be for us?

With all of this in mind I can appreciate Barack Obama’s wait and see attitude on the outcome of all the turmoil that the Iranian people are suffering over their sham of an election. However I don’t think Iran will be any easier to deal with when it’s all over.

I think in the end Mousavi will disappear, Ahmadinejad will be President, Iran will get their nukes, and either us or the Israeli’s will have to bomb that country and its poor people back into the stone age. Yes I mean use nukes against the great Persian Empire.

That’s all for right now, but I will be back again soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!


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