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Look you guys it is true that Thursday's Supreme Court decision will allow Corporations to directly finance their candidates now. However it is also true that organizations such as the Teamsters and the AFL-CIO will be able to do the same. Besides as a friend of mine pointed out campaign contributions are public record, so it is easy to see who an organization supports financially.

As for the Democratic Party being the new socialists I don't believe that to be true of all Democrats, but only those who consider themselves to be "Progressives". As for lumping all conservatives together with the Republican Party I find that to be distasteful. Not all Republicans are conservatives although they might claim to be, and as an example I will use Arlen Specter who has since showed his true colors.

I for one am a Conservative who has no political party affiliation, and I would take offense to being categorized as a Republican. However if you wish to categorize me where my political beliefs are concerned, I would rather be in the category of a PATRIOTIC, RED, WHITE, and BLUE, natural born American citizen. I think that is much better than Islamic, un-naturalized, foreign citizen like someone we all know.

That is all I have to rant about today here at Simple Man Politics, but I am sure I will find something to rant about next week, so I will see you all then. I hope you all have a great evening my friends, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

For the first time in 32 years a senate seat in Massachusetts goes red for republican candidate Scott Brown. The senate seat that Scott Brown defeated democrat Martha Coakley for wasn’t just any seat either it was the late Ted Kennedy’s senate seat. I guess Scott Brown was right when he declared the senate seat the peoples seat rather than Ted’s seat, because the people sat Brown down in that seat in less than a day.

As we all know while the republicans celebrate their victory in one of the bluest/liberal states in the union the democrats are in full point the finger mode today. You have democrats in both houses of congress pointing the finger at both Coakley and the White House. Meanwhile the White House is saying that Coakley ran a shoddy campaign, while Coakley accuses the White House of not doing enough to get her elected.

In the end it I don’t think it really matters whether the White House, Obama, or Coakley were responsible for that stunning defeat for the senate seat yesterday. I think what was responsible for the loss was the fact that the radical and dangerous policies of the current administration were soundly rebuffed by the people of Massachusetts as both ineffective and too expensive. I also think that this should be a wake up call for both parties.

While it might appear that the democrats who control both houses of congress as well as the White House are the ones in trouble right now that can change fast. I believe that the peoples ire can and will turn on either party or politician who attempts to do anything that appears to both lose more jobs or result in higher taxes. Unfortunately I don’t believe that the American voters are quite finished with the democratic party just yet.

I personally believe that the fallout from the Obama' agenda has not yet ended. I think that people like senate majority leader Harry Reid, congressman Barney Frank, and maybe even house speaker Nancy Pelosi may be in jeopardy of losing their seats in the 2010 mid term elections in November. I would have thought the same thing about senator Chris Dodd, but he is wisely not seeking reelection. I personally hope that I am right about this.

I wonder how the healthcare bill is going to fare now with the 41st vote against it being elected last night. There are still a couple things that the democrats might do to try to pass a bill before Brown is seated. However I don’t think it will happen because so many democrats are now going into CMA mode after last night. I some how don’t think that the cap and trade bill is going anywhere now as well.

That is all for now from Simple Man Politics my friends, but I will be back again with more politics as soon as something else new happens, or you request that I write about a particular topic. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday and a terrific week, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Welcome back to Simple Man Politics and the first post of the year here as well. I know I have not written much here in the past few months and I have had my reasons. One of those reasons is that I got tired of writing about the healthcare disaster that is working its way through the congress right now. Unfortunately I find myself having to write about it again because of some recent information that has come to light.

I am obviously not a big fan of this healthcare plan that Obama and his cronies in both houses of congress are pushing, and I have been very critical and vocal about that. Don’t worry though my friends I am still very much against government run socialized healthcare, but not for just the same reasons as before, because I have found a couple more reasons to add to the long list of reasons that I oppose the healthcare plan now.

I originally opposed Obamacare because it would cost the taxpayers almost 2.5 trillion dollars over the next ten years. Another reason I opposed this healthcare bill is because of the taxes that would have landed squarely on the shoulders of an already over-burdened middleclass. I also found distasteful the idea of government henchmen coming between me and my doctor. I don’t need uncle Obama’s help to make these decisions.

In addition to the reasons I have already stated regarding my opposition to government run healthcare I can now add these reasons as well. The first new reason is Democratic Party corruption involving payoffs to certain state senators with healthcare funds and exemptions for their states from federal taxes while other states will have to pay those taxes but those of the exempted states as also. For example Nebraska and Senator Ben Nelson come to mind.

The second new reason for me opposing Obamacare is the apparent deal that the White House and the labor unions struck earlier this week. It seems that the unions will be exempted from the proposed Cadillac Policy Tax that everyone else will have to pay that has this type of insurance. Likewise Congress will not have to pay the Cadillac Tax either, but then again they have never paid for their Cadillac plan the tax payer has.

It appears to me that if you supported Obama and the Democrats in the 2008 election you get exempted from any financial responsibility at least until 2017 in the case of the labor unions. Unfortunately what this also means is the middle class, small business, and any other group who had opposed Obama during his election is going to pay in order to support the payoffs to Obama’s allies and thugs.

Last but not least I have a problem with yet another promise that our Commander-in-Grief made to the American people and that was a promise of politics unusual rather than as usual. I must admit here today that he has kept this promise although it seems to bode ill rather than well for us the American people. Politics in Washington D.C. is definitely different today from the last administration. Now-a-days politics in Washington is all dishonest and secretive with no attempt at transparency

That is all for now my friends, but I will be back again very soon. I suddenly feel the need to go wash my hands at least and, maybe even get a shower to wash off the stench that this criminal, unconstitutional, backroom thuggery has left on me while I was writing about it. I hope you all have a fantastic day and weekend and I will see you all sometime next week I hope. I also hope you like the video at the bottom of this post, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

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