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Well I have been looking for something to write about today here on Simple Man Politics, but I couldn’t find just one great topic to write about. As result I have picked four or five I want to get into. With any luck this post won’t take to log and you will find it interesting and a little humorous also. I will tell you that these are the most interesting topics I could find. Any way what do you say we get started, okay?

What’s with all of the news coverage about Obama, Biden, Gates, and Sgt Crowley getting together over a Beer Summit at the White House? It aint like this was a G8 summit or something like that; it was just a few beers. Granted there wouldn’t even have been a Beer Summit if Obama hadn’t opened his mouth and inserted his foot, because he didn’t know all of the facts. Heck Obama still didn’t apologize for his screw up or serve beer from an American owned brewery.

Who cares whether Janet Napolitano calls terrorism terrorism or not, even if she calls it a man made disaster we all know it is terrorism. We citizens of the state of Arizona already know she is an idiot and a fool with absolutely no experience in securing a state let alone a nation. This DUMBASS not only believes that only right wing extremists are terrorists, but she thinks sanctuary cities and illegal’s are good for our nation.

About the Al Franken/T. Boone Pickens fracas, well who really cares what Al Franken thinks about Pickens, swift boats, and John Kerry Pickens certainly don’t care. Pickens and the swift boaters were right about John Kerry and his service during The Vietnam Conflict anyway and Kerry couldn’t have beat G.W. Bush on his best day. Besides what does all of this have to do with getting us away from dependence on foreign oil? One other thing T. Boone Pickens has been successful while Franken has been a failure.

I have to ask all of you something and that is if you care whether or not President Obama loses the support of Hustler magazine owner Larry Flint. I personally don’t care one way or another what Larry Flint thinks, because he isn’t the one that has to be President B.O. is. What really surprises me is that Obama has any real support with the programs him and the Dem’s are pushing.

That it for now folks I guess no news is good news, and there is nothing else I can think about writing about for now. I am sure I can and will come up with more next week though so I will see you all then. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Well it appears that the democratic leadership in the House of Representatives has reached a deal with the moderate/conservative Bluedog arm of their party on the healthcare bill. Unfortunately for them there will be no vote on the bill before September of this year, which may kill the momentum they have already generated to pass this bill. However in my opinion this is not a bad thing for the country.

Just because there has been a deal to vote on the healthcare issue after the congressional summer break doesn’t guarantee passage of healthcare bill either. Not only are the Bluedog Democrats very unhappy and uneasy about key provisions in the bill, but almost to a man the GOP in both houses are apparently not going to support the bill at all. The cost of this proposal seems to be a problem for the GOP as well as the Bluedog’s too.

The result of all of this opposition to Obamacare has lead liberal Democrats in both houses to say that there can be no healthcare bill without Bluedog as well as GOP support. The reason for this sentiment is that when the bill fails miserably and no Republicans have voted for it as well as conservative Democrats the Democratic Party will be held solely responsible for the bills failure.

I also believe that the success of this bill or the lack thereof will have a direct response on the 2010 mid-term elections also. For the Dem’s this could be extremely catastrophic. The lower house has already pushed through it’s version of cap and trade and that bill is stuck in the Senate with no action on it. As a result the Dem’s in the lower house are worried that the same thing could happen to their healthcare proposal as well.

If the healthcare bill is stalled in the Senate like the cap and trade along with a failing economy and rising unemployment that the stimulus bill was supposed to fix then there could be a considerable shift of seats in both houses of congress to the right. The only good news for the Democrats on this subject is that the Republican brand is not yet been renovated and their approval rating is at about 28% currently, but that can change.

The only thing that could be more catastrophic for the Democratic Party than both cap and trade and healthcare being stalled is if both of those bills fail big time and the outlook becomes even direr to the American people before the mid-terms. Add to that the negative views of Democratic Party members such as Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell, and NJ Governor Jon Corzine and it looks bleak for the Dem’s already.

As you all know though it will still be bad for the American people even if the Dem’s lose power in both houses in 2010. The reason being is that we will still be stuck with two more years of an Obama administration and its socialist agenda, along with the impossibly large government and deficits it has already created. Considering the current state of both parties I can only hope that the independent vote changes the balance of power in congress in 2010.

That is all for today from Simple Man Politics. I hope you all have a wonderful evening and a great Thursday. I will be back again soon my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Today I am going to talk about conceal/carry rights here on Simple Man Politics. The reason for this is because there is a lot of talk about a possible law being passed that would require states to recognize conceal/carry permits from other states. This fear is both from states with strict laws regarding these permits and anti-2nd amendment activists.

This past Wednesday legislation sponsored by Senator John Thune (R, SD) was voted on. This legislation would have made it legal for conceal/carry permit holders to carry handguns across state lines. The legislation would only allow reciprocity in permitting, while still requiring the individual to obey the states laws that they are traveling within. This is exactly the same way that driver’s licenses work.

However gun control activists are about to have a stroke over this piece of legislation and are predicting the worst. Senator Frank Lautenburg (D, NJ) accuses the gun lobby of putting its agenda ahead of security and safety. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D, NY) calls the legislation a “harmful measure” that will put the public at risk. Senator Chuck Schumer (D, NY) says the bill would reduce the dramatic success of reducing crime.

These arguments are the very same ones that were used back when conceal/carry laws were originally passed. . At that time gun control advocates assured everyone that permit holders would get mad and there would be blood in the streets. Considering the fact that there had never been conceal/carry permits before I am sure that this was an obvious concern for law makers at that time.

Fortunately for gun rights advocates and unfortunately for gun control activists none of the expected horrors that were foretold ever came to pass. Instead approximately 5 million law abiding American citizens currently possess conceal/carry permits that allow them to carry across 48 states. There are also 39 of these states that have fairly liberal right to carry laws requiring background checks, a fee, and some training.

I personally have a conceal/carry permit issued in the state of Florida and will obtain one in Arizona eventually as well. I have carried a weapon concealed in virtually all of the states and no one has ever been the wiser, of course you shouldn’t advertise the fact that you are carrying in that fashion anyway. As a civilian carrying a concealed weapon I have never had to draw my weapon let alone fire it in self defense either thank God.

Data compiled from the beginning of conceal/carry rights until now indicates that violent crime where concealed weapons are legal has resulted in a drop in violent crime. The same is also true were gun ownership alone is legal as well. The reason violent crime drops in these environments is because the criminals have to worry about their victims being able to defend themselves so violent crime is less likely to occur in those areas.

I for one refuse to give up my 2nd amendment rights and my conceal/carry permit as well. I fervently hope that this is true of all of those who read Simple Man Politics too. If you want to see how gun control has worked you need only look at countries like the United Kingdom and Australia. Their law abiding citizens who are prevented from defending themselves have become nothing more than victims.

That’s all for now here at Simple Man Politics but I will be back again very soon my friends. I hope you all have a great evening and a terrific Tuesday too CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. The aforementioned piece of legislation did not pass, but the facts are still the same.

Today we are once again going to discuss about the only topic for which I might be considered a liberal thinker, and that is the legalization of cannabis sativa for both medical and personal usage. You can believe me when I tell you that I honestly believe that it should be legalized too. However this time I am approaching the idea of a state legalizing it instead of the federal government.

The state I am talking about is none other than the great state of California. This state is having so much financial trouble right now that it has to pay all of its bills with IOU’s. The California state legislature and senate have been working overtime to come up with a plan to fix their 26 billion dollar deficit that everyone would agree to. While it appears that they may actually succeed they will still need help.

Meanwhile the state of California’s largest cash crop sits there untapped and the criminals are the only ones who are benefiting financially from its cultivation, harvesting, and distribution. I think California could seriously take advantage of this potentially large financial state resource and help solve their financial problems that much quicker. All they have to do is realize that marijuana legalization is the cure not the sickness.

Now I am not going to sit here and tell you that marijuana legalization is going to solve all of California’s financial problems overnight, but it would go a long ways towards reaching state financial solvency much faster if it is applied to California’s potential budget deficit plan. All California would have to do is come up with a plan for affordable prices, taxes, farming, and distribution.

There is more than enough evidence to show that Marijuana is not only a financial goldmine, but that it is a lot less of a health risk to consumers than alcohol and tobacco. As it is medicinal marijuana is already legal and city, county, and state law enforcement agencies rarely ever arrest or prosecute for possession. So acceptance of marijuana legalization is already in place by the state, law enforcement, and citizens of California.

As far as the federal government is concerned I don’t personally believe that they are capable of stopping California from taking the steps necessary to legalize marijuana. I also think that they are unwilling to expend tax payer resources in an effort to raid, arrest, prosecute, and imprison anyone who would be involved in various capacities in a state sanctioned legal cannabis industry.

That is all from Simple Man Politics for this week, but we will be back next week. Have a fantastic weekend my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Tonight I was either privileged or tortured with another one of President Obama’s primetime national address depending on who you ask. While this evenings speech/Q&A was a little bit entertaining it never the less had less real substance in it than an empty test tube. I can only say one thing about this speech with any degree of certainty, and that is that he must think the American people are gullible and stupid.

In addition to the Obamacare/healthcare plan that Obama is currently trying to shove down the tax payer’s throat there was some attention paid to other issues as well. There was discussion in the Q&A about topics such as racism, TARP, stimulus, and the new budget bill. Throughout the Q&A Obama did an excellent job of deflecting his responsibility for the budget deficits or said that our worries were unnecessary.

Regarding his healthcare reform initiative he gave some great oratory supporting his view that he needed to reform healthcare and that only his way was the right way. He was also quick to point out that business as usual within the healthcare industry was unsatisfactory and had to change. He was also equally quick to point out that the sooner he got his bill through congress the better of we as a nation were going to be.

However throughout his entire speech and the subsequent Q&A he never answered any serious questions directly about what he was going to do or how healthcare reform was going to be accomplished. There were no hard facts at all about how this new public healthcare option was going to be paid for or how this would give patients and healthcare providers better options for patient healthcare.

As I had stated earlier he had talked about tonight such as finance reform, record deficit spending, and new banking regulations. The big problem here is he expects the American tax payer as well as congressmen, and senators to accept his opinion on healthcare as solid fact and swallow it like tripe. An even bigger problem with his healthcare proposal is that no one including himself has even read the damn thing.

I will agree that something has to be done about healthcare because it is enormously costly when you look at the cost of procedures, physician reimbursement, and insurance premiums. I will also tell you that I don’t think government bureaucrats being involved in the diagnosis or treatment process is the answer, which is what I also believe when it comes to the financial, investment, and auto industries.

I will also tell you that considering what I know about the Canadian and UK national healthcare programs that nationalized healthcare is the wrong answer. If you need proof closer to home than those of the Canadians and the UK just look at the public healthcare option in Massachusetts. That state has never ever been able to make it work without propping it up with a lot of state tax payer dollars.

From Simple Man Politics that is all for now. I hope you all have a wonderful night and I will see you all again soon CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I know I haven’t really tackled this issue on its own and I have only addressed it generally when discussing Obama’s other plans, but today I am going to address this issue as its own subject on Simple Man Politics. The reason being that it is about to go to the senate and ultimately get voted on very soon, and that's healthcare.

I will tell you that most of the people I know are very much against this idea. However there are a couple of people whose opinions I highly value who have so far said nothing to me about it and they are medical professionals as well. Since one of these individuals is also an Obama supporter I am very curious about that opinion in particular.

Healthcare was a topic that was touched upon by both John McCain and Barack Obama during their campaigns to get into the White House. John McCain had the idea of taxing people’s health benefits as part of his healthcare plan. Barack Obama said that healthcare was an important issue for him, but gave no indications to how he would deal with it.

Of course now President Obama has presented his version of a healthcare plan to both houses of congress for approval and passage. Just like all of his other programs, it requires enlarging government and trillions of American tax payer dollars. It also appears to have been built on a model similar to that of our Canadian brother’s healthcare plan.

Considering the fact that the Canadian healthcare system has proven to be an abject failure I find it hard to believe that our government will go in that direction. The horror stories that have come out of Canada about long waits, lack of treatment, lack of healthcare professionals, and bureaucratic red tape I cringe at the prospect.

As usual the White House and congress are looking at how they are going to pay for this cumbersome and unwieldy monstrosity they call their healthcare plan, and have decided to once again tax the wealthy to pay for it. The reason being is that the wealthy can afford it and should pay for everyone who doesn’t have insurance rather they can afford it or not.

There are also congress persons who believe that you should be forced to either pay for your own healthcare plan or take the nationalized plan and if you don’t then be fined and they want a provision that forces all hospitals to perform abortions. Obama himself wants total control over how much Medicare will reimburse hospitals and healthcare providers.

Organizations including the CBO (Congressional Budget Office) and the GAO (Governmental Accounting Office) have said that there will be no financial relief for the American tax payer in this plan just more of an already unrecoverable tax burden. They also state that this will drive many healthcare providers into bankruptcy.

Scott Rasmussen of Rasmussen Reports a pollster is the latest in his profession to come out with the latest polling data and a new poll that shows that the vast majority of Americans are against the Obama plan. Data has also been introduced that shows Obama and Democratic Party approval ratings continue to slide with this issue.

Here are a couple more interesting tidbits of information for you all. Apparently when it is all said and done only about 10% of uninsured Americans will wind up with healthcare. Oh yeah and 12 million illegal immigrants will get healthcare too and we will have to pay for them also.

I don’t know what you all have done about this yourselves, but I have emailed both of my Senators and all of Arizona’s congresspersons telling them to vote no for this bill or I will vote no for them in their next elections. I do agree that healthcare is an important issue, but I do not agree that this particular plan will address and solve the problem.

That is all we have for you today here at Simple Man Politics, but we will be back again soon with more of what is important in the world of politics. Have a marvelous day my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Expensive trips and private jets, outrageously expensive employee resort retreats, obscene financial waste and excess in the workplace, You would think that I was talking about AIG, the Big Three automakers, or Wall Street CEO’s right? Well you would be wrong I am talking about our own government and sadly I am not the least bit surprised.

How can I be surprised by anything this government does considering all of the spending and waste that has occurred since the last national election where the Dem’s took total control of the White House and both houses of congress as well? My god VP Joe Biden actually believes we need to spend even more money to stay out of bankruptcy.

Well true to Joe “The Gaffe’” Biden’s prophesy there are two more governmental agencies that seem to believe in the democratic dogma of spend, spend, and spend. Now granted in the grand scheme of monstrous government and out of control spending this will seem rather innocuous, but it still prescribes to the disease rather than the cure.

Recently the Social Security Administration spent approximately $700,000 dollars for their agents at a posh Phoenix Arizona resort under the guise of taking care of Social Security business. That price does not even include travel costs incurred by the agency to fly these reps to Arizona.

It is my understanding that all of this business could have been conducted by internet video conferencing, which would have been a lot less expensive. I also understand that this particular resort gave the Social Security Administration the lowest bid for the business but it is still more government waste.

Then there are my favorite financial wizards over at the Fed who have just hired a whole slew of cartoonists to help raise moral and lessen stress in their workplace. I wonder who the genius was that thought up this ridiculously wasteful and useless idea. I know a lot of people in stressful jobs and they all say this won’t work.

You almost have to wonder what’s next don’t you? Maybe it will be a court jester czar for the Barry and the White House staff. Or maybe it will be a stand up comedian for the senate because Al “The Weenie” Franken hasn’t been funny since they invented fire and the wheel. Whatever it is I am sure that it will provide comic relief for the tax payer.

That’s it for now from Simple Man Politics my friends. I think I’m going to call it a day and go watch the Wiggles with my son because I am sure it will relieve my stress and provide me with some comic relief. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Welcome to Simple Man Politics my friends today we are going to discuss a topic I have been eyeing for some time, but haven’t had the chance or information to adequately address until now. Today’s topic is Obama’s Defense Budget. This has been a subject that has worried me for some time but there is no avoiding it now. The reason I am talking about it now is because it will go to congress soon.

It is no secret that Obama has been planning to cut a lot of funding from The Department of Defense especially since he made that promise during his campaign more than once. However he is facing some opposition and criticism regarding some of his proposed budget cuts even from within his own party too. However a lot of this opposition is due to job loss that will occur as a result.

For example one of President Obama’s proposed defense spending cuts involves the F-22 Fighter Program. This is a very expensive but important weapon in our national arsenal and one that most feel is necessary for the US to maintain our air superiority in the first part of the 21st century. The F-22 program will also be a stable economic platform for the nation as well considering our current economic, financial, and employment crisis’s we face at this time.

However Barack Obama is so adamant about cutting this program that he has even threatened to veto his own defense budget bill if the program is not cut. You almost have to wonder what kind of logic this very inexperienced chief executive of the nation is applying to his decisions on defense spending. The F-22 program is not the only potential cut, missile defense is another one. There are other important programs besides these two that are facing the knife as well.

Now that I have had the time to sit back and look at our Presidents plans in all areas for this nation, I can only assume that these decisions proves not only his lack of experience in national security, but his lack of intelligence and real life experiences as well. Unfortunately we are now obliged to live with these potentially fatal mistakes that Obama calls the right choices for us all. I am not just talking about national defense now; I am talking about his mistakes in the financial, economical, employment, healthcare, and climate arenas too.

That is all for now but I will be back with more real soon and I am sure of that. I hope you all have a fantastic night and a great day tomorrow CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Once again it seems that the Democrats are going to go after the CIA even though they got hit in the snot locker the last time they did this. I find this idea that the CIA should be treated like criminals for being protective of their intelligence secrets. Particularly since they are after all an intelligence agency where need to know actually is not only a good idea, but saves the lives of their operatives as well.

It also appears that even when the CIA does give intelligence briefings they are treated like thieves, liars, and cheats also. For example we all know that the CIA gave intelligence briefings on the subject of water boarding and other harsh interrogation techniques to the appropriate intelligence committees in both houses of congress. We also know who got these briefings too.

Of course we all know ha happened then Nancy “Pinocchio” Pelosi stood right up and lied through her teeth stating that she was never briefed on these techniques and accused the CIA of lying to her. Leon Panetta quickly produces evidence showing Pelosi got those briefings and she still denies any memory of the briefings and continues to attack the CIA rather than just say she must have forgotten or even apologize and put it behind her.

There was also the case of congress going after the CIA and Dick Cheney too. Congress apparently was not very happy about the idea that they would attack the intelligence agency and Dick Cheney would promptly jump to their defense and speak publicly about the CIA and its methods of operation where intelligence gathering techniques were applied. Dick Cheney even gave an opposing speech on the topic right after President Obama spoke on the topic and blew Obama’s speech right out of the water.

Well now congress is going to go after the CIA again for keeping information out of their hands. This concerns a CIA program that was discussed and researched by the agency with regard to removing high value Al Qaeda targets up close and personal instead of using technology such as the Predator drone. This program never even got past the R&D stage and no congressional notification was required.

However the idea of killing Al Qaeda leaders does not seem to be very palatable to those in the Democratic Party. This is the case because these Democrats who crave global acceptance, and are socially weak, anti-national defense types cannot believe that after eight years, we cannot negotiate for peace with these Islamofascists animals instead of killing them. They think this even when they are faced with incontrovertible evidence that they still want as many Americans dead as possible if not all of us.

In the immortal words of a once powerful pope during the crusades “kill them all and let God sort them out”. Where these Islamic terrorist pigs are3 concerned that is just what I believe. I also believe that agencies like the CIA, NSA, and military organizations like the JSOC do their best work when they are operating on real-time intelligence, under the mantle of secrecy, and even employing harsh interrogation techniques.

The truth of the matter is that I really don’t care at all what happens to the terrorists and if we kill them all I can sleep at night with that. I would also rather be fighting this war over in their backyard instead of ours, because I believe in better them than us. I like the idea of having intelligence and defense capabilities that scare the crap out of our enemies because they have no idea what we are up to. Unfortunately I think it is going to take another 9/11 type attack or worse on our soil to make it happen.

Thanks for stopping by Simple Man Politics today.I hope you all have a fantastic day and I will see you all again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Well here is another chance for me to say I told you so. It now appears that independent voters are deserting Obama both nationally and in key swing states as well according to recent polling data. While this cannot be good news for the President and the White House they are playing it down right now.

Polling organizations such as Gallup, Quinnipiac University, and Rasmussen have all reported these downward trends regarding independents, Obama, and the Democratic Party. However while some data indicates this trend as recent there is some data that shows this trend occurring almost from inauguration day.

What makes the possibility of losing the independent voter support a problem for both the White House and the democratically controlled Congress is the almost total loss of bi-partisanship. Once the Republicans in both houses realized that they could not work across the aisle the quit trying and instead went back to their own ideological platforms and beliefs.

It seems that the main reason that the independent voter is now jumping ship on the Democrats and leaning more to the right and the Republicans has a lot to do with the economy, out of control spending programs, and an ever increasing government presence in the private sector. Unfortunately for the Democrats they have come to far in those directions that it would be admitting they were wrong if they were to turn back now.

The Republicans are of course now reveling in their role of being the underdog champions for the average American. It also appears that they will not be giving up one inch of ground to the Democrats without a fight either. They are now attacking everything that the Dem’s and Obama have on their agenda. Their favorite targets at this time appear to be healthcare, climate change, Sonia Sotomayor, and now a second stimulus.

Out of all of this news pertaining to independent voter confidence and their apparent retreat from Obama and the Democrats is the fact that even though Obama’s approval ratings have slipped amongst independents he still remains at about 56% in those ratings. This is obviously a testament to his personal and charismatic ability to remain likable even when those that like him don’t agree with him.

With all of this new evidence on the independent voter, as well as the obvious Republican dislike of the Obama, the White House, and the Democrat-controlled Senate and Congress I have to wonder what the mid-term elections will look like. I imagine I will find out soon enough since the mid-terms are little more than a year away. What ever happens then I am sure it will be at the least interesting.

Thanks for stopping by Simple Man Politics today but that is all for now. However as you all know I will be back again very soon so have a fantastic day and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Soooo…..what do you all think about Sarah Palin resigning from the Governorship of the great state of Alaska? I am sure you all have some opinion about it because every talking head, moron, and know-it-all in politics and the media seems to have at least one opinion about it. Hell I guarantee you I have at least one opinion and I will for sure air them out here today.

I find it amazing that ever since Sarah announced her decision to resign last Friday that there has been a concerted effort by not only the press, but both sides of the political spectrum to put their own spin on her resignation. As usual both the left and their biased media allies have sought to further denigrate this fine lady, but what is astounding is that members within her own party are attacking her also.

I for one cannot personally blame Mrs. Palin for her decision to quit whatever it may be, because the honest truth is that no one knows for sure why but her. After the attempts at assassinating her character, assaulting her son Trig, and going after her daughter Bristol like a pack of rabid dogs any normal person would not be surprised. Of course Letterman proved they are all animals with his transparent attempt at going after Willow recently as well.

However I personally don’t think that these are the reasons for Sarah Palin’s supposedly sudden resignation. After her sudden and meteoric rise to stardom in the Republican Party in the last presidential election, I think she realizes that she needs to move onward and upward to remain a viable entity in the political arena. To do this she needs to maintain her exposure in the national media and politics of her party.

I feel that she may be eyeing a run for the senate seat coming up in the mid-term elections in her home state of Alaska. I also think that as a superstar with the Republican Party base that she may also campaign for some republican candidates seeking re-election or election in both houses of congress in the mid-terms too. I don’t see a potential White House run before 2016 if at all though.

I am sure though that no matter what Sarah decides to do in the future it will be something that she wants to do, and not something someone else thinks she should do. I also hope that whatever that something is it is productive, positive, and makes her happy as well. I am equally sure that whatever that something is that it will drive the haters in both parties and the media crazy and I LOVE that.

One final thought on this subject before I go and that is that no matter whether you love this woman or hate this woman, she definitely keeps politics alive, interesting, and edgy. This results in people asking questions of our elected officials and so will keep our citizens a little more well informed.

I hope you all have a great day tomorrow and I will be back again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Wow we all got some good new this week and just in time for the 4th of July weekend too. Apparently the anointed one President Barack Hussein, Obama has decided that his stimulus bill has done its job and is a success as well. I for one am happy to tell you that the results of the stimulus are obvious and a success at something, and King Obama said our economy is recovering nicely.

I think that this information is great except for one thing though, it is all a lie. The truth is in the job sector there were no permanent jobs saved. There were no manufacturing, tech, or other skill jobs created. Unemployment crept up to 10% for the first time since Jimmy “The Peanut Farmer” Carter was in office. Last but not least the average work week has gone for 40 hours to about 32 hours.

Banks are still not lending. Mortgages are still in wholesale foreclosure. States are not meeting payroll for even their first responders. Approximately 42 states are in financial trouble and a lot of those currently have no budgets in place. The third largest economy in the US which is California is now paying their debts with IOU’s because they have no cash.

In the midst of all of this we have also received some even better news as well. It looks like all of our utility bills are going to go up by 30% in the next two years. They are going to tax our power, (Cap and Trade) which is something Bill "Slick Willy" Clinton tried to do when he was in office. The Obama government is also going to fine people about $1000 if they do not get any healthcare coverage too.

I don’t know if I can handle much more news as good as this before the 4th of July. I mean seriously people all of this good news is so overwhelming to me even if it is all a lie. By the way how do all of you feel about it? I am just happy we have one more day of independence as a great country before we become the world’s largest banana republic.

I hope you all have a fun filled, fireworks laden, picnic havin, beer drinkin 4th of July this weekend. I will be back again next week my friends so until then CIAO4NOW!!!!!

My god what is going on in my country? I go away for just a few days and when I return after a small hiatus and an awesome birthday, I find out that Norm Coleman is out and Al Franken is now the Senator from Minnesota, OMG!!!!!

What is wrong with those people up there in Minnesota anyway? Are they all suffering from bovine flatulence produced methane gas poisoning or what? Al "The Weenie" Franken is going to be the death of this nation at least until the 2010 mid-term elections.

This no-talent comedian and radio personality couldn’t even make it on his own as an entertainer, or with Soros’s billions behind him at Air America radio. Now the people of Minnesota has to rely on this loser to represent them for the next four years, so it sucks to be them I guess.

What is even worse though is the potential damage that may be inflicted upon all American citizens as a result of this walking political plague known as Al Franken. This guy is so far to the left that his shadow falls over when he stands up. This idiot believes in everything from the Global Warming lie to the he knows better than the American people lie.

What makes this Senate seat even more dangerous with Franken in it is that the Democrats now have a 60 vote filibuster-proof majority in the senate. What this means is that every wacky left wing loony project that comes to the Senate floor will be pushed right on through.

That’s right people the government will be that much closer to telling you what to do and how to live. Our taxes will also go up quicker than it took the Titanic to sink, and that didn’t even take an entire night to happen. So that’s right my fellow citizens we are all ROYALLY SCREWED!!!!!

I just can’t wait till I have the ability to say I told you so to all of those people who said I was being too much of an extremist about what has happened up until now, because with Franken in the Senate seat it just got 10 times worse for the nation. Unfortunately I think that when I can finally say I told you so it will be to late.

Have a wonderful day…..if possible, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

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