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As you all know the arena of politics has lost one of its greatest gamesman in Ted Kennedy who is commonly referred to as “The Lion of the Senate”. Unfortunately Ted Kennedy does not appear to be the only loss suffered by his death last week. Another casualty of Kennedy’s passing is the 60 seat filibuster-proof majority in the Senate that the Democrats enjoyed, and they want it back.

What the Democratic Party in both Washington D.C. and Massachusetts want is to change the law in Massachusetts that would allow the governor Deval Patrick (D-MA) to appoint a replacement for Ted Kennedy’s seat until the special election to fill the seat is held this coming January. The law they want to overturn is the same law they passed in 2004 to keep Gov Mitt Romney (R-MA) from appointing a replacement for John Kerry if Kerry had won the Presidency.

It appears to me that the Democratic Party intends to keep Massachusetts firmly in the blue state column. They also appear to be willing to change the rules to suit themselves without any regard whatsoever. The Democrats seem so worried about a filibuster occurring during the upcoming fight for healthcare reform after the summer recess that they are salivating over the loss of their 60th Senate seat. In all likelihood the seat would be filled by a Democrat after the special election anyway.

It appears to me though that even with the 60 seat majority in the Senate, that the Democratic Party would be unable to pass a healthcare reform bill, because there is so much opposition within their own party against the bill. The opposition against the bill not only includes Democrat Senators, but a majority of tax payers are vehemently opposed to the bill as well.

I personally hope that when the Massachusetts State Legislature holds a public hearing this September 9th to discuss changing the state law to allow Governor Patrick’s to appoint a temporary successor, that there is so much opposition to the idea that it is killed outright. The Democratic Party should have to play this one by the rule they established in 2004. I personally think they will get the law changed anyway.

That is all for now here at Simple Man Politics, but we will be back again soon my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Welcome back again to Simple Man Politics my friends. Today’s topic is going to be about all of the hate-filled rhetoric that seems to be prevalent in political discourse and in politics in general. I find it to be very disturbing that we can’t have an intelligent debate of the issues without someone coming out and saying hateful, vile, lies that detract from the issues and problems we are facing with both policy and politicians at this time.

There are many people that I can point to as examples of this kind of speech on both sides of the political spectrum, but I am only going to focus on two people this evening. Of these two people one is an alarmist and the other is just plain stupid, but I am sure you will know who is who by the time I am done saying what I have to say. If you get them wrong then I can only deduce that you may need to read my blog on a more regular basis.

The first individual I am going to talk about is James David Manning who pastors at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City. This man is definitely an ultra right wing Christian conservative and a man of color to boot. He speaks out regularly against President Obama and talks about rioting and revolt against the government by those of the Caucasian persuasion.

He not only talks about the idea of violent revolt by white people, but he seems to advocate the act as well, even wishing to be included in the riots against the government. He derisively refers to President Obama as the “Long Legged Mack Daddy” .He also calls Obama a Muslim, communist, socialist, Marxist, liar, racist, and illegal alien just to quote a few of his labels for our president. Just check out his video I put on this blog post.

Person number two I am singling out for this post is one of my personal favorite targets. If there was ever an individual I would point out as the poster child for both birth control and abortion it would have to be the ignorant, ugly, and retarded Janeane Garafalo. This woman is the trashy version of Nancy Pelosi with a foul mouth and absolutely no class. Garafalo really hates people especially white people, because she is a reverse racist.

This woman wants anyone who will listen to her to believe that anyone with a political opinion or belief that differs from hers must be what she calls tea baggers, but wants to call functionally retarded adults, or racists. She claims that these tags apply to anyone who opposes President Obama or his political agenda. I wonder if that applies to all of the conservative black Americans who oppose Obama and his domestic policies too.

It also seems as if Garafalo is against those who ask perfectly good questions about what Obama’s healthcare reform bill will do to their health benefits. The outrage against all of the wasteful spending that the White House and congress has been doing along with a national budget deficit touted to be about nine trillion dollars over the next ten years has her outraged too.

Apparently dissent is only legitimate in her eyes when it is from the left and against the right. She can not possibly fathom in her tiny little rodent mind that the party of Lincoln, you know the party the freed the slaves (Republicans) could care about this country or its people. As for the elections of 2000 and 2004 she wants you to believe that they were both stolen like 2008 except without the lies Obama spoon fed us.

That’s it for now here on Simple Man Politics. I hope you all enjoy the post and I hope to see you all again this Friday. I really do hope you all watch the video as well, you will find quite interesting and something of an eye opener as well, Have a wonderful day my friends, and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Last evening saw the end of an era and the possible end of a political dynasty that has been a force in the Democratic Party, and within the halls of power in both the White House, and the senate since the beginning of the 60’s. That’s right the Lion of the Senate Ted Kennedy passed away last night at the age of 77 from brain cancer, and his presence in the Senate and the Democratic Party will be sorely missed.

We at Simple Man Politics are obviously not in agreement with most of Ted Kennedy’s political beliefs and philosophies, but we do realize the loss to the political arena that Ted Kennedy will leave with his death. We would also like to extend our heartfelt condolences to the Kennedy family in their time of grief, and wish them a speedy recovery from that grief, and long and happy lives filled with their good memories of Ted Kennedy.

The only thing I have left to say about the man is that I hope he can rest in peace now. I hope you all have a great day and I will be back again on Friday, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

If you listen to the experts on both sides of the debate about the state of our nation’s economy, they all say to one degree or the other that we are still in trouble both economically and financially. These economists and finance guru’s that we keep hearing from are right too, we are still not out of the woods yet.

We are still suffering from record unemployment numbers, a massive government debt that seems to be growing with no end in sight. We also have a banking industry that is still unwilling to lend money to anyone, whether they are a business or just looking for a personal loan unless they have a Triple A credit rating.

Now our esteemed president and his ruling party have decided to guarantee 2 Billion Dollars in bailout money to Petrobras a Brazilian oil company for oil exploration within the Tupi oil field. The Tupi is located in the Santos basin near Rio de Janeiro and is considered one of the largest finds of petroleum offshore in South America.

I find this to extremely frightening considering the fact that the current administration and it’s cohorts in both houses of congress consider offshore drilling in the states something akin making a deal with the devil. Making a deal with the devil is exactly what the American people did, when we elected the current bunch of retards that run our country.

You would think that with our nation’s vast untapped natural resources and our extremely large, experienced, and talented workforce we would be exploring and recovering our own petroleum and natural gas reserves. Instead we finance foreign governments and their own oil companies, instead of securing our own nation from dependence on foreign oil and the security threat to our nation that that entails.

Our national security, economic prosperity, and American workforce are being held hostage by California, Florida, and the Democratic Party because of their unwillingness to tap into American offshore oilfields under the pretense that it would be dangerous to our national coastlines and oceans eco systems. We also have perhaps the largest land-based petroleum field in the world in the Williston Basin. (The Bakken)

Empirical scientific research and technology have proven that these perceived threats to our nation’s coastline are a hoax just like Global Warming. Yet we continue to let every environmentalist wacko and eco terrorist have their own way instead of looking out for our own interests, people, and way of life. It is because of these people and our current crop of elected representatives that the American Dream is dying out.

Trust me when I tell you that healthcare reform is not the only threat to our way of life that we have to counter, because there are plenty of threats still on the table and in the Democratic arsenal. Cap and Trade legislation is a threat as well and impacts the United States and our ability to explore, recover, and use our own resources.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the current Democrat administration and its counterparts in both the upper and lower houses of congress including the RINO’s are intent to weaken our national defenses. If you look at their domestic agenda you will not only see the evidence for yourselves, but that they have provided the proof for you to see it.

In closing todays post on Simple Man Politics I will simply say that these elected officials appear to be a clear and present danger to the security, sovereignty, and way of life to the Untied States of America. I can’t wait to see some real change that I can believe in after the mid-terms in 2010. Have a good day my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. As of this post the largest oil platform in the world, which is owned by Petrobras of Brazil has sunk in the Tupi oil field. The picture above is of this oil rig going under and with this disaster we are still going to finance this company, how absurd is that?

Welcome back to Simple Man Politics and the first/late post of the week. Tonight I am going to talk about the Obama event at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention in the Valley of the Sun. (Phoenix AZ) The reason I am going to talk about this is that something very unique happened there this past Monday. Apparently there were some law abiding citizens exercising their 2nd amendment rights at the event.

The idea that someone would come to a presidential event armed has gotten both sides of the gun issue up in arms if you will please pardon the pun. Gun rights advocates are in complete support of these citizens carrying guns at the event, while gun control advocates are beside themselves with anger that anyone not law enforcement or secret service would carry a gun so near to the president.

First off Arizona is a right to carry state, which means that if you can legally own a gun you may carry the weapon on your person as long as it is not concealed. This is in fact what approximately fifteen or so individuals were doing at the time of Obamas speech to the VFW convention. It has also been noted that during the entire3 event there was not one single instance of any trouble from those carrying guns.

However those folks who are opposed to gun rights such as conceal carry permit holders, private assault weapons ownership, or even private gun ownership period freaked out at the idea of a anyone carrying a gun anywhere near President Obama. They said that those people carrying guns were a distraction to those law enforcement officers and secret service personnel who were tasked to secure the event and the area.

It also appears that several law enforcement officers and at least on secret service agent were interviewed by news media outlets. The general consensus from those interviewed in the law enforcement community was that there were no problems from those carrying guns. The secret service spokesman also stated that the secret service was never distracted by this, and that those carrying guns would never have been allowed inside the venue.

The only thing that I even found remotely disturbing was that one man was not only carrying a gun on his hip, but was also in possession of an assault type rifle, which he also carried in the open strapped to his back. He said he was doing so to make a political statement about the governments wish to take away gun rights. However since it was legal for him to carry the rifle and he caused no trouble I can’t say anything against this man.

I will leave those of you who read this one particular thought about guns being carried at this event and the possibility it could happen again at another event as well. The thought is that while there were people openly carrying guns at the event; just imagine how many might have legally been carrying concealed guns at the event as well. It just goes to show you that those who legally own guns appear to be very responsible people.

That is all we have for you all today here at Simple Man Politics. I hope you all have enjoyed this evening’s blog and I will see you all again very soon. Have a great evening my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

I would like to welcome you all back this Friday to Simple Man Politics. I know that I have been on kind of a tear lately with regard to Obamacare or the Healthcare Reform Bill if you prefer that term. Before I go any further though, I would like to state for the record that I am not against healthcare reform in some measure. However I am just against some of the measures in the healthcare reform bill and some of its supporters.

With regard to the healthcare reform bill itself I am against provisions in the bill like tax payer funded abortions, the end of life provision, and a single payer/public option all of which are in this bill. These are not all of the things that have me concerned, but they are enough for everyone to understand why I am against this healthcare reform bill. Make no mistake all of three of these things are in there in one form or another too.

Another big reason I am against this current piece of healthcare legislation is because of certain people in both houses of congress that support it. My reason for my lack of support in this area is because there are a couple of people in particular that I wouldn’t trust with the life of a bait worm let alone a human life. The most notable of these figures are House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and President Obama.

In my opinion when you put this barely read and not altogether understood healthcare reform bill together with the likes of Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and others of their ilk who support the bill, you have to worry how badly the American people are going to get screwed this time. These are the same people who supported the stimulus bill, the budget bill, the bailouts, and TARP, which was G.W. Bushes. None of these things have done any good for the American people.

As far as I can determine the only people who have had any real benefit from any of this massive amount of governmental spending are those who are in power. The reason that I say those in power is because this is all about grabbing power for these people so look at the facts as of right now. As of now the current administration and both houses of congress control our financial institutions, automobile industry, mortgage industry, and Wall Street too so why not try to control an additional 1/7th of our economy as well.

I think it is time to put away this obvious attempt at resting more control away from the American people and come up with a piece of legislation that both sides can agree on. Then maybe the American people won’t be put in the position of performing meatball surgery to both houses of congress during the mid-term elections. Although if they want to fire Reid, Pelosi, Dodd, and Frank then we would be rid of those mostly responsible for the economic damage that we all have suffered from.

Well that’s it for this week at Simple Man Politics. I hope you all have a glorious weekend and I look forward to seeing you all gain next week, CIAO4NOW!!!!!


The news politics today is President Obama and his town hall meeting yesterday and the political spin from both parties regarding the New Hampshire event. Normally I would be writing about that as well myself today, but I find myself a little more concerned with something that Nancy Pelosi mentioned. I am sure you are all aware that I am no fan of the house speaker, or the President, or their policies, but this is more important to me.

I am going to talk a little bit about hate and extremism today. The part of this post I am giving Pelosi credit for bringing up is only with regard to the symbol called a swastika, because Pelosi is right that the swastika is a symbol of hate. Other than that Nancy Pelosi is as usual a dumbass about her description of American citizens who oppose the Democrats healthcare reform bill.

I am a real big fan of the great melting pot of ethnic and cultural diversity in the United States, although I believe in the ideas put forth and expressed by the founding fathers in both the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I believe in the traditional, conservative, Christian values that our nation was founded on and that they should not be compromised. I also thoroughly despise extremist hatred in any way be it racial, religious, or political.

I have been a racist and a hater when I was growing up, which is something I am not proud of and over the last twenty five years or so I have done much in the way of educating myself and putting those things about myself behind me and learning tolerance and love for my fellow man. As a result of educating myself personally and learning to see every American as an equal I have a real problem with hate especially when it is in the form if sheer ignorance.

That is why I cannot tolerate people who think and believe that symbols such as the swastika are legitimate forms of representation in a democratic society. I would hope that anyone who is caught defacing someone else’s property or public property would be arrested, prosecuted, and convicted for committing a hate crime no matter what their reason is for applying this most hateful of symbols. I am not trying to censor free speech with this post, but I am trying to keep a uniquely un-American symbol out of the US.

I came across the picture in this blog while researching something else entirely different from this topic. Some ignorant, uneducated, extremist spray painted the swastika in the picture on a sign belonging to Congressman David Scott (D-GA) in Smyrna GA. While I believe he deserves to be confronted about his support for the healthcare reform bill and that he also deserves to be involved in a serious debate and discussion with is constituents I do not believe that he deserves to be a target of such hateful discrimination.

I would also say to all of you that you should in no way, shape, or form support any group or person who believes in what this symbol stands for. I am quite sure that none of my friends do support this symbol and its bearers, and that they would react quite violently against anybody who would attempt to display it in their presence. I also know that I personally would not stand idly by and allow someone to display it in my presence.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today, and I will be back again very soon my friends, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

As we all know the healthcare reform debate is an often heated and emotional subject. Unfortunately the Democratic Party and its congressional representatives have resorted to front loading their town hall meetings with union thugs and their own supporters and not allowing protesters in. All of this in an effort to silence the opposition and deny any real debate from grass roots opponents.

The result of all of the Democrat’s attempts at deceiving the American people by staging these fake town hall meetings has been to incite even more unrest and opposition to their healthcare reform bill. These staged town halls have also been responsible for inciting violence as well, but not by the protesters as they Democrats would have you believe but rather by their union supporters most notably the SEIU.

I must tell you all that none of this is just my opinion either. Even though the mainstream media is doing everything they can to help Obama push his agenda, they cannot help but report some of this abuse against protesters of the healthcare bill by the unions. You don’t even have to take my word for it, because there is plenty of evidence of union violence on video just check out YouTube.

The truth of the matter is that there is really no way for the Democrats to sell this plan to the majority of the American people. So all the Democrats will do is pretend to have their supposed public town hall meetings. They will also tell their supporters in the media like Chris Matthews that all of their opposition is being staged by insurance companies, the Republicans, and right wing extremists. They will also say they need to pass the bill fast.

In the meantime the Democrats will continue to have their astroturfing supporters pack their town halls to give a good show for the media. They will also have their thug supporters like the SEIU union and ACORN attempt to intimidate as many protesters and weaken their opposition as possible before both houses of congress return from their month long summer break and attempt to pass this healthcare reform bill sham.

I don’t know about all of you, but we at Simple Man Politics do not support the Democrats attempt to silence free speech or public assembly and debate of the healthcare reform bill. There isn’t even any reason for them to pass this bill fast, because the bulk of the bill won’t even take effect until 2013. As far as those union thugs are concerned I believe there was a need for them 30 years ago, but not anymore.

I hope you all have a fantastic day and we will see you all again really soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Well here is a new one for the record books if it is true. Apparently the party of the people under our new Community Organizer in Chief is supposed to be attempting to silence free speech. I would really like to tell you that I find this accusation to be absolutely ridiculous, but at this point and time I cannot because there appears to be some legitimacy and truth in the accusation.

For starters the White House has in recent days advertised a new email address for people to report fraudulent claims about the proposed healthcare reform bill that Obama wants and that Democrats in both houses of congress seem more than willing to push through. Of course they want everyone to think that the fraudulent claims are made by those who oppose the bill or the Democrats.

The Democrats are also getting ready to load up their town hall meetings with organizations who support them. This is in an effort to crush and silence the grass roots movements that have been organizing against them and their healthcare bill publically. All the while the Dem’s continue to claim that the town hall opposition is being organized by the GOP, insurance companies, and the like.

This is not the only time that the left has attempted to silence free speech and the right to assembly. They have recently attempted to attack free speech from the right in the form of The Fairness Doctrine as well. This would silence the right wing media machine in the form of talk radio from getting their message out to conservative listeners. It might also do damage to news outlets such as Fox News.

Another new and favorite tactic now being used by the loony left is the baseless accusations that all the town hall protesters are acting like Nazi’s and carrying symbols such as swastikas to their healthcare town hall meetings. The White House has even gone so far as to delegitimize the protesters at the town halls who are in an uproar by saying that those in opposition are showing manufactured outrage.

The truth of the matter is that with all of the other insane spending that has been done in the name of the tax payer people have just had enough. You really can’t blame them when nobody who is trying to pass this healthcare reform bill has even read it. If you will remember the same thing happened with the budget bill. Let’s face it there is only so much Democratic Party ineptitude the American people will stand for.

All of the current polling and facts even point to the reality that the healthcare bill has virtually no traction or support among the American people, or at least those who pay taxes and vote. Before there can even be any support for this bill there are a lot of serious questions that the people want answered, but they haven’t been yet.

I will tell you what I believe. I believe in the 1st amendment. I believe in freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and the right to public assembly. I also don’t believe in restricting either sides point of view either. I also believe that telling anyone what they can say publicly or privately is censorship as in denying anyone the right to assemble. I for one will exercise my 1st amendment rights as often as I want.

That is all for this subject on Simple Man Politics right now, but we will reserve the right to address this issue anytime it comes up. I hope you all have an awesome weekend and I will be back again next week my friends, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Over the weekend an interesting bit of news broke on the internet at least that is where I saw it. The buzz is about the Iranian nuclear weapons program and states that Iran has developed the technology to weaponize uranium and detonate an nuclear warhead. The report also states that the Iranian government is only waiting on it’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to implement the use of the technology.

Should this news/report reveal itself to be true there will be a destabilizing effect in the Middle East. Most people will think that it is the Israelis alone who will feel threatened, but that will not be the case. There are other nations in the region who have had problems with Iran and long before this report came out. Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Pakistan and India as well will not be happy about this news.

Of those nations that I have just mentioned who are in a position to respond to this potential nuclear threat, there are only three who really have to ability to respond to the threat with a maximum show of force. These three countries are Pakistan, India, and Israel who are all weaponized with a nuclear arsenal. Although I will hazard an educated guess here and say that it will likely be Israel who responds to the threat.

There are also other reports and responses directly related to this news/report. One states that Iran will retaliate against Israel if it strikes their nuclear sites. Another suggests that our own CIA Chief has warned Israel not to bomb Iran. Still another report indicates that Israel is already preparing to assault Iran’s nuclear sites. Israel is already holding exercises and defense drills in response to a nuclear Iran as well.

Now like I said I have seen no real proof of this new report that validates it’s data. However I will go so far as to say that Israel will not listen to any nations counsel if they feel it is counter to their position and existence. I also think that when and if Israel decides to strike at Iran, the first we or the world will hear about it is when we see the mushroom clouds over Iranian territory.

I will say for the record right now that I personally don’t want to see either a nuclear or conventional attack against Iran from any nation. However I would not stand in the way of a nation who strikes at another who repeatedly threatens them, and now has the means to carry out those threats. I can only hope for the sake of the Iranian people and those people whose nations may strike at Iran that the Iranians don’t take the next step.

That is all we at Simple Man Politics have for you today, but we will be back again very soon. Have a great Monday my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. To read more about Israels potential response for yourselves check out the links below.,2933,536203,00.html,2933,536203,00.html,2933,530148,00.html,2933,523537,00.html,2933,521177,00.html,2933,520263,00.html,2933,517033,00.html

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