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If you listen to the experts on both sides of the debate about the state of our nation’s economy, they all say to one degree or the other that we are still in trouble both economically and financially. These economists and finance guru’s that we keep hearing from are right too, we are still not out of the woods yet.

We are still suffering from record unemployment numbers, a massive government debt that seems to be growing with no end in sight. We also have a banking industry that is still unwilling to lend money to anyone, whether they are a business or just looking for a personal loan unless they have a Triple A credit rating.

Now our esteemed president and his ruling party have decided to guarantee 2 Billion Dollars in bailout money to Petrobras a Brazilian oil company for oil exploration within the Tupi oil field. The Tupi is located in the Santos basin near Rio de Janeiro and is considered one of the largest finds of petroleum offshore in South America.

I find this to extremely frightening considering the fact that the current administration and it’s cohorts in both houses of congress consider offshore drilling in the states something akin making a deal with the devil. Making a deal with the devil is exactly what the American people did, when we elected the current bunch of retards that run our country.

You would think that with our nation’s vast untapped natural resources and our extremely large, experienced, and talented workforce we would be exploring and recovering our own petroleum and natural gas reserves. Instead we finance foreign governments and their own oil companies, instead of securing our own nation from dependence on foreign oil and the security threat to our nation that that entails.

Our national security, economic prosperity, and American workforce are being held hostage by California, Florida, and the Democratic Party because of their unwillingness to tap into American offshore oilfields under the pretense that it would be dangerous to our national coastlines and oceans eco systems. We also have perhaps the largest land-based petroleum field in the world in the Williston Basin. (The Bakken)

Empirical scientific research and technology have proven that these perceived threats to our nation’s coastline are a hoax just like Global Warming. Yet we continue to let every environmentalist wacko and eco terrorist have their own way instead of looking out for our own interests, people, and way of life. It is because of these people and our current crop of elected representatives that the American Dream is dying out.

Trust me when I tell you that healthcare reform is not the only threat to our way of life that we have to counter, because there are plenty of threats still on the table and in the Democratic arsenal. Cap and Trade legislation is a threat as well and impacts the United States and our ability to explore, recover, and use our own resources.

There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever in my mind that the current Democrat administration and its counterparts in both the upper and lower houses of congress including the RINO’s are intent to weaken our national defenses. If you look at their domestic agenda you will not only see the evidence for yourselves, but that they have provided the proof for you to see it.

In closing todays post on Simple Man Politics I will simply say that these elected officials appear to be a clear and present danger to the security, sovereignty, and way of life to the Untied States of America. I can’t wait to see some real change that I can believe in after the mid-terms in 2010. Have a good day my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. As of this post the largest oil platform in the world, which is owned by Petrobras of Brazil has sunk in the Tupi oil field. The picture above is of this oil rig going under and with this disaster we are still going to finance this company, how absurd is that?


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