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Is Radical Oratory Bi-Partisan

Welcome back again to Simple Man Politics my friends. Today’s topic is going to be about all of the hate-filled rhetoric that seems to be prevalent in political discourse and in politics in general. I find it to be very disturbing that we can’t have an intelligent debate of the issues without someone coming out and saying hateful, vile, lies that detract from the issues and problems we are facing with both policy and politicians at this time.

There are many people that I can point to as examples of this kind of speech on both sides of the political spectrum, but I am only going to focus on two people this evening. Of these two people one is an alarmist and the other is just plain stupid, but I am sure you will know who is who by the time I am done saying what I have to say. If you get them wrong then I can only deduce that you may need to read my blog on a more regular basis.

The first individual I am going to talk about is James David Manning who pastors at the ATLAH World Missionary Church in New York City. This man is definitely an ultra right wing Christian conservative and a man of color to boot. He speaks out regularly against President Obama and talks about rioting and revolt against the government by those of the Caucasian persuasion.

He not only talks about the idea of violent revolt by white people, but he seems to advocate the act as well, even wishing to be included in the riots against the government. He derisively refers to President Obama as the “Long Legged Mack Daddy” .He also calls Obama a Muslim, communist, socialist, Marxist, liar, racist, and illegal alien just to quote a few of his labels for our president. Just check out his video I put on this blog post.

Person number two I am singling out for this post is one of my personal favorite targets. If there was ever an individual I would point out as the poster child for both birth control and abortion it would have to be the ignorant, ugly, and retarded Janeane Garafalo. This woman is the trashy version of Nancy Pelosi with a foul mouth and absolutely no class. Garafalo really hates people especially white people, because she is a reverse racist.

This woman wants anyone who will listen to her to believe that anyone with a political opinion or belief that differs from hers must be what she calls tea baggers, but wants to call functionally retarded adults, or racists. She claims that these tags apply to anyone who opposes President Obama or his political agenda. I wonder if that applies to all of the conservative black Americans who oppose Obama and his domestic policies too.

It also seems as if Garafalo is against those who ask perfectly good questions about what Obama’s healthcare reform bill will do to their health benefits. The outrage against all of the wasteful spending that the White House and congress has been doing along with a national budget deficit touted to be about nine trillion dollars over the next ten years has her outraged too.

Apparently dissent is only legitimate in her eyes when it is from the left and against the right. She can not possibly fathom in her tiny little rodent mind that the party of Lincoln, you know the party the freed the slaves (Republicans) could care about this country or its people. As for the elections of 2000 and 2004 she wants you to believe that they were both stolen like 2008 except without the lies Obama spoon fed us.

That’s it for now here on Simple Man Politics. I hope you all enjoy the post and I hope to see you all again this Friday. I really do hope you all watch the video as well, you will find quite interesting and something of an eye opener as well, Have a wonderful day my friends, and CIAO4NOW!!!!!


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