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Iran Has Done It?????

Over the weekend an interesting bit of news broke on the internet at least that is where I saw it. The buzz is about the Iranian nuclear weapons program and states that Iran has developed the technology to weaponize uranium and detonate an nuclear warhead. The report also states that the Iranian government is only waiting on it’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to implement the use of the technology.

Should this news/report reveal itself to be true there will be a destabilizing effect in the Middle East. Most people will think that it is the Israelis alone who will feel threatened, but that will not be the case. There are other nations in the region who have had problems with Iran and long before this report came out. Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and possibly Pakistan and India as well will not be happy about this news.

Of those nations that I have just mentioned who are in a position to respond to this potential nuclear threat, there are only three who really have to ability to respond to the threat with a maximum show of force. These three countries are Pakistan, India, and Israel who are all weaponized with a nuclear arsenal. Although I will hazard an educated guess here and say that it will likely be Israel who responds to the threat.

There are also other reports and responses directly related to this news/report. One states that Iran will retaliate against Israel if it strikes their nuclear sites. Another suggests that our own CIA Chief has warned Israel not to bomb Iran. Still another report indicates that Israel is already preparing to assault Iran’s nuclear sites. Israel is already holding exercises and defense drills in response to a nuclear Iran as well.

Now like I said I have seen no real proof of this new report that validates it’s data. However I will go so far as to say that Israel will not listen to any nations counsel if they feel it is counter to their position and existence. I also think that when and if Israel decides to strike at Iran, the first we or the world will hear about it is when we see the mushroom clouds over Iranian territory.

I will say for the record right now that I personally don’t want to see either a nuclear or conventional attack against Iran from any nation. However I would not stand in the way of a nation who strikes at another who repeatedly threatens them, and now has the means to carry out those threats. I can only hope for the sake of the Iranian people and those people whose nations may strike at Iran that the Iranians don’t take the next step.

That is all we at Simple Man Politics have for you today, but we will be back again very soon. Have a great Monday my friends and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. To read more about Israels potential response for yourselves check out the links below.,2933,536203,00.html,2933,536203,00.html,2933,530148,00.html,2933,523537,00.html,2933,521177,00.html,2933,520263,00.html,2933,517033,00.html


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