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As of 8:00pm Eastern Time our nation is one step closer to committing economic suicide and our promised new socialist society as promised by our failing Commander-in-Grief and his politburo in both houses of congress. The democrat controlled lower house passed it s version of Obamacare a few days ago and now the democrat controlled senate has passed by a vote of 60 to 30 a cloture vote right along party lines.

While most of the democratic senators involved will tell you that this vote is just a procedure designed to move Obamacare into the senate for a full senate debate it is actually more than that. What this vote is, is one more step closer to making Obamacare a reality even though the majority of the American people don’t want it in any form. However it is what Obama wants and his partners-in-crime that run both houses of congress will commit political suicide to give it to him.

Unfortunately senate majority leader Harry Reid still has a problem within his own party that may cause Obamacare to ultimatlely fail anyway. Three of his senators and I believe they were the last three to give their votes to Harry Reid to pass cloture have all said that it doesn’t mean they will support the bill in the final vote. Their reason for not supporting the bill is a public option in any form.

Senators Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln, and Ben Nelson are the Democratic Party senators who will oppose the bill if there is a public option. Without any one of their votes for the bill Harry Reid will not be able to pass the healthcare bill, which would be a stunning defeat for both Harry Reid and President Obama. Still other democrats are worried about the costs, cuts and taxes in the bill as well.

The other thing that democrats are worried about is the political fallout and backlash that they may receive from their constituents in the 2010 mid-term elections if their terms are up at that time. They have very legitimate concerns in this regard too because virtually any poll you look at from the Quinnipiac to Rasmussen says that the majority of American tax-payer and voters are seriously opposed to this healthcare bill.

I am not going to sit here and tell you all that I think some sort of healthcare reform is not necessary because I think that it is. However I will tell you that higher taxes, bigger government, and one to two trillion dollars in cost over the next 10 years are not the answer. Raising taxes on an already overtaxed citizenry is an un-recoverable disaster waiting to happen and so are the drastic cuts to medicare being talked about right now.

I think removing the anti-trust exemption for insurance companies and make it possible for people to cross state lines to purchase insurance are two good ideas. Trying to strengthen already existing programs like medicare and Medicaid are good ideas too. I also think that denying insurance the right to deny coverage or purchase due to pre-existing illness is a good idea also. Coverage of things like mammograms is also necessary.

Whatever happens as a result of the upcoming full senate vote I hope that the electorate not only holds our elected senators, congressmen, and the president responsible for their actions and their feet to the fire for the havoc this healthcare bill will wreak and the damage it will do to us both with the economy and our society. Thanks for stopping by Simple Man Politics and I hope you all have a great evening and a beautiful Sunday my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!

Welcome back to Simple Man Politics my friends I know it has been a while. The truth is I have gotten burned out from writing about the same Healthcare B.S. over and over and over again. Plus there has been other business related to my blogs that is in the works and it has made me pause for longer than I have cared to. However I wanted to write about this today and tie in what I feel about this and the truth that ties the U.S. citizen to it.

You see everybody on both sides of the issue of President Obama bowing to first the Saudi king and now the Japanese emperor Akihito is making a big deal out of it. The truth of the matter is that it is a big deal in both the court of public opinion here in the states and the court of world opinion as well. There are a variety of reasons why this is a big deal, although I think we can expect no less from our Commander-in-Grief.

The political left would have us believe that he bowed to neither figure or that it really didn’t mean anything but was just a sign of respect. Of course they think everyone on the political right are all extremist militants intent on the violent overthrow of the Obama administration. They also believe that our image around the world is damaged and that we should put the interests of the world and the UN above our own national interest.

Those on the political right view Obama’s actions in bowing to foreign leaders as a sign of protocol ignorance at the least and the attempted abdication of our status as the worlds lone superpower and our democracy based policy goals that have made us a force to be reckoned with around the world. The right fears our nation falling under the control of an institution like the UN or a new world government because of Obama’s obvious deference to world leaders and governments over our own nation’s sovereignty.

I personally believe that if you sit back and take a very careful, considered, and intelligent look at the policies and initiatives that President Obama with the help of house speaker Nancy Pelosi and senate majority leader Harry Reid is pushing it is obvious that he is working counter to our nations needs both domestically and internationally. He is systematically destroying the United States as we know it and here are few things as proof.

One of Obama’s signature initiatives is to close down the Guantanamo Bay detention facility even though the prisoners there are treated better than our own prisoners here in the states. He also wants to bring five of those vicious animals to New York and try them as criminals with rights that are only guaranteed to US citizens constitutionally. Never mind that they are neither entitled to those rights or even any rights under the Geneva Convention as P.O.W’s since they represent no particular recognized government and were not in any representative uniform of a recognized government.

Domestically Obama has done everything in the book but what is really needed to re-right our economy. All he has done so far is bail out the banks and two of the big three automakers and nationalized them and this includes Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac. He also wants to nationalize healthcare at the cost of over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS just to insure twenty five million uninsured, half of which still won’t qualify. There is also another bill on its way to both houses of congress known as Cap and Trade. Just Obamacare and Cap and Trade alone will raise taxes and rates on US tax payers beyond the breaking point, which is what big government means and Obama supports.

When you look at all of these facts in the cold light of day the rational explanation for what is happening is the complete and utter capitulation of rights and the might of the American people to a world that with very few exceptions despises us for our standard of living, our ingenuity, and our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms such as speech, gun ownership, and religion.

For the world Barack Obama is the perfect traitor and a disgrace to the people of the United States of America and an obvious clear and present danger to our security as well. Unfortunately he was elected by a clear majority of the citizens of the United States and the only way to cleanse ourselves of his disgrace is to replace him on November 07, 2012. Fortunately we have the chance to replace Pelosi and Reid in less than a year and I can only hope that the American people are smart this time and vote for the change we need to save us instead of the thuggery as usual we have now.

I would like to thank you all for visiting Simple Man Politics today and taking the time to read this post. I can only hope that in some way I have opened the eyes of those whose eyes are closed and reinforced the vision of our nation for those who see it this clearly. I hope you all have a marvelous evening and an awesome week. I will see you all again soon my friends so CIAO4NOW!!!!!

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