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Well today has seen a lot of action on the hill in congress today. A lot of that action is centered on the 83.5 billion dollar emergency war fundi9ng bill that President Obama sought in April and is expected to sign very soon. Unfortunately just like every other bill involving money that comes out of congress and the administration, t is bloated with funds for things that are not associated with the original intent of the bill.

In this case by the time congress got done with re-writing the emergency war funding bill, the bill went from 83.5 billion dollars up to 105.9 billion dollars. Now there are pet projects for the lawmakers in it for things like “cash for clunkers” auto trade-in program, 2.1 billion dollars to purchase eight C-17 Globemaster airplanes, 5 billion for the IMF (International Monetary Fund). There is also 500 million dollars in earmark spending, which will go mostly to Mississippi.

We went from a newly elected President who had promised no earmarks or lobbyists, and a transparent administration to a politics as usual democratically controlled administration and congress. Politics as usual on the left side of the aisle is proving to be increasingly expensive to the American tax payer, and a danger to the nation with regard to national security. With their attempts at nationalized healthcare, education, and a reduction in defense spending in these dangerous times we are all in big trouble.

Unfortunately for us the average American citizen who does not support massively increasing the size of government and the national debt ten-fold before the end of Obama’s first term. I fear the damage may already be done and irreversible before we even see the 2010 mid-term elections. However with most of the so called moderate Republicans out there I think that even with a McCain Presidency things would not be all that much different.

Well that’s it for today my friends, but I’m sure I will find something else to complain about very soon. I hope you all have an excellent day and I will see you again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!


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