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I’ve been watching the news again and one of the big stories since Obama’s election has been what he intends to do about private gun ownership and gun sales now that he is President. According to gun shops all over the US there has been a spike in gun sales since the election.

One gun shop owner in Austin TX says he has been selling approximately one hundred thousand dollars in stock per day since the election stating that most of his customers are afraid that Obama will go after the rights of private gun ownership and the sales of certain types of weapons and ammunition to. Most of his clientele are sportsman but a lot of the new sales he has been getting are first time gun buyers.

Another gun shop owner said on a fox news interview that he has seen a similar spike in his sales since the election in his area. The area he does business in is a pretty affluent neighborhood in Ft. Worth, TX. He says that most of his business has been with people who have supported Obama. He notes that they have come into his store wearing Obama 08 t-shirts and buttons and they tell him that they are buying guns while they still can.

To support the stories behind these two gun shop owners and others who have made similar claims is that back ground checks on first time gun owners is up about 15 percent since Obama was elected noted one FBI official.

Now I’m going to tell you the simple facts about what Obama wants to do, what he can do, and what might be done with regard to gun ownership laws and gun sales laws. This will not be something gun owners and dealers will want to hear but it will be the truth.

What President elect Barack Obama wants to do about gun ownership and gun sales is basically to do away with them. His voting record in Illinois proves that as well as his stated position when he was a freshman US senator. Since he can’t do away with these two things I will tell you what he will settle for.

He will settle for no conceal carry permits issued to anyone other than law enforcement officers. He wants to make permanent the assault weapons ban for things like the AK-47 and the AR-15. He will also make the ammunition for these weapons as well as some types used for hunting illegal. He also wants all weapons handguns and long guns alike to be registered with the state and federal governments.

What Barack Obama and his left wing cohorts can do is try to pass tighter gun control legislation written by either the White House or one of the houses of congress. The reason I say try is because they do not have a super majority of seats in the senate to pass these laws without some Republican support. They also couldn't get through the lower house because some of the moderate Democrats support the second amendment as well as the Republicans there.

What Barack Obama might be able to get done is making the assault weapons ban permanent. He would have to make some sort of concessions to the Republicans in both houses of congress and the moderate Democrats there also to get it though. I personally doubt he would be able to get the support for that to happen anyway but it seems to be the most likely choice he would have as far as any gun legislation is concerned. This legislation would likely include the ammunition for those types of weapons to. Issuance of conceal carry permits might be something else he could attack but I don't think he could do so effectively.

Where I am concerned at this point and time, I think all of this worry about gun rights is much ado about nothing. With the economy in the shape that it is in as far as Wall Street and Main Street are concerned I don’t think he will be worrying about gun control right now. Another reason I think the way I do is because of the US Supreme Courts earlier ruling on the weapons ban in Washington DC that they recently overturned. I don’t think he could get any support from them until he appoints any new justices. If he did appoint any new justices he would be replacing the liberal justices already on the bench so the status quo would not change.

That is all for today my friends I will see you all very soon. Have a great day today CIAO4NOW!!!!!


I would have to agree that with all of the economic trouble right now, Obama will not be worrying about gun control any time soon.

November 11, 2008 at 2:54 PM  

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