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Today I want to talk about a few things going on in the political arena like unresolved races and some potential cabinet appointments for Barack Obama’s cabinet. I don’t really want to write about the auto industry bailout I’ve written about that enough already.

I do have one thing to say about it though. How can they say they are burning through money like crazy and need help when the CEO’s of the big three each fly to Washington to testify before congress in their own private corporate jets, which cost an average of 36 million dollars a piece and 30 thousand dollars to fuel. No wonder they are going through cash so fast haven’t they heard of flying commercial? Even a first class seat would be cheaper. It’s really just basic economics in case you didn’t know. Now on to other things.

I want to talk about the Minnesota senate race between Norm Coleman and Al Franken first. The reason is that while I don’t really want the democrats to have a super majority filibuster proof control of the senate I would expect a Democrat to win this race. Unfortunately that Democrat might be Al Franken, and Al Franken is such a weenie to. This idiot is a former comedian who was never really funny and a former radio personality for the liberal talk radio company known as Air America.

A broadcast company that failed I might add because of people like him and Garafalo who spouted far left hate filled rhetoric and radical nonsense. The only reason it survived as long as it did was because Billionaire George Souros poured millions of dollars into the doomed enterprise. Now Al Franken is looking for a platform in the US Senate to spout more of his ignorant views. If the Democrats are going to have a super majority in the senate they should at least have people in control who know how to take care of business. What a waste of the people of Minnesota’s votes.

Alaskan Republican Senator Ted Stevens is still holding on by a hair there against Democrat Mark Begich the Mayor of Anchorage Alaska. I really hope that Stevens loses this race because he is corrupt as well as a federally convicted felon as of a couple of weeks ago. I don’t think there should be people like Uncle Ted in our government. Fortunately I am very confident that when all the votes are counted he will be gone and congratulations Mark Begich.

The Georgia senate race is also very important. I really hope that Republican Senator Saxby Chandliss defeats the Democrat challenger Jim Martin in the run off election down there. I know the left is really hoping that he gets defeated. They say he is a lazy bigoted coward and that why he deserves to lose. If that were true then why would they support someone like WV Senator Robert Byrd? That guy is a former klingon or what ever you call them of the Knights of Klu Klux Klan. If he isn’t a bigoted coward I don’t know who is. He did all of his hate and bigotry behind a mask.

A potential cabinet appointment for Obama I want to talk about is Hillary Clinton as a possible Secretary of State. I personally believe that she would be a great choice for the position. I have to wonder if she can work for Barack though considering what she said about is foreign policy experience during her campaign as well as his remarks about hers during his campaign.

I would also have to wonder how her husbands own brand of foreign policy will affect her appointment. The man does a lot of business over seas with some people and governments that we might find unseemly. His financial disclosure may reveal this during the vetting process. So I wonder if Hillary can rein him in so that is policies don’t clash with the administrations.

Well that is about all I want to talk about for today. I hope you all have an excellent hump day and I will see you all again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!


I like your read on the4 senate races. Franken is a weenie, Stevens is a crook, and Chandliss is way more honorable than Byrd. As far as Hillary goes she would make a good Secy of State if she can control Bill. Screw the big three to they were in trouble before the credit crisis. There's was a problem with labor not lending.

November 20, 2008 at 7:37 AM  

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