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Here we are my friends on the third day after the election and everyone is waiting for the next shoe to drop. Whether it is on the economy, the current situation with Russia flexing its muscles, or Whether or not it is Sarah Palins fault that John McCain lost the election.

That’s right I said whether Sarah Palin cost John McCain the election. Can you believe that with all of the really important things that should be being discussed this is the best that the media could come up with for the last three days? At the heart of this seems to be some comments made by campaign aides about Palins knowledge of Africa as a continent, going shopping during the campaign, and being mean to the staff. According to Elaine Lafferty who is the leader of citizens for John McCain, and a Democrat, has said she has spent time with the former VP candidate on the campaign trail has said these things are patently absurd.

First of all there is no way that Sarah Palin does not know that Africa is a continent. Sarah Palin is a very smart lady. You don’t get to be Governor of a state the size of Alaska with exports to foreign countries totaling approximately Four Billion Dollars whose major trading partners are china and Japan. It should also be noted that with the schedule a VP candidate has to keep on the trail it is almost impossible to get any free time to go the department store. If she did manage to steal a few minutes for herself and do a little shopping well good for her. As far as her being mean to the staff is concerned I think she must have had problems with the idiot or idiots who leaked all of this tripe because they were screw ups and screwing up the campaign.

Now let’s be honest for a minute here. I am not in the least bit happy with the results of Tuesday night’s election. But I will tell you the truth of the matter and the truth is that it wasn’t just McCain’s campaign that lost the election it was the fact the Obama’s campaign just flat out beat them. They had the organization, money, and a get out the vote effort that was unprecedented in Presidential election history. Sure there were things that McCain might have done to make it a closer race or maybe even win but he missed every opportunity given to him and there were plenty of opportunities believe me. It wasn’t Palins fault that the election was lost it was poor management of the campaign by those who were making the decisions.

To her credit and being the classy lady that Sarah Palin is she has refused to say anything negative about John McCain or those who were involved in the campaign strategy. She knows that no good could come from engaging in such back biting or infighting and has decided to move on, go back to Alaska, and continue governing that great state. However Bill O’Reilly has offered her as much time on his show as she feels she needs to set the record straight and I think she should take him up on it. As far as the trashing of Sarah Palin is concerned I think it is all sour grapes and B.S. from people who didn’t know how to be winners. If all of this somehow dims the light on her potentially awesome political career in the GOP it will be the party’s loss.

I hope you all get out of the house, stop worrying about what can’t be changed, and have a wonderful weekend. I will see you all back here on Monday CIAO4NOW!!!!!


I agree whole heartedly here. I can't believe the people who are trying to go back on Palin. How ridiculous. I hope we'll still see her involved in mainstream politics in the next few years.

November 8, 2008 at 1:16 PM  

How can any of those ultra right wing nuts hold her responsible for their failures?????

November 8, 2008 at 5:29 PM  

I don't believe any of those accusations against her by the unknown accusers from the McCain campaign. I am so glad she is speaking out against them now.

November 9, 2008 at 11:17 PM  

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