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Weekend Update

Well folks, we have had a rather interesting and entertaining weekend in politics. We had former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of State Colin Powell come out on NBC's Meet the Press and endorse Barack Obama's candidacy for President. We had Joe the plumber appear on Huckabee. Vice Presidential nominee Sara Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live. Last but not least John McCain appeared on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace. I think all of these things are worth discussing so lets get started.

I would have to say right off the bat that I was really surprised that Colin Powell would endorse Obama for president. I watched the interview and found it very informative with regard to Colin Powell's views both socially and politically this election season. Colin Powell told Meet the Press that he believed that Obama's economic policy was going to be better for the country, and that he was a positive force for change in Washington as well as being experienced enough to be President. He also stated that he thought the McCain campaigns attacks against Obama were to negative and that McCain would take the country in the wrong direction. He went on to point out that his decision to support Obama was not based on race but on best choice for President.

Also on Saturday former Arkansas Governor, Presidential candidate, and currently the host of Fox News Channels hit show Huckabee Mike Huckabee had on Joe the plumber and musical guest Aaron Tippin but lets talk about Joe. Huckabee talked at length with Joe about what he thought of all the media attention he has received since that fateful day when he asked Obama about how his tax plan would affect him if he bought his plumbing business and managed to make 250k a year. Joe said he thought he didn't deserve all the attention and especially the media bias against him with information that was mostly wrong and very negative. It was pointed out that Obama came to his neighborhood he didn't go to see the candidate. He also found it disturbing that Obama would say it was fair to tax Joe and people like him to spread the wealth around. Joe pointed out that that sort of policy would stunt economic growth and lose jobs. He also pointed out that Obamas health care program would further hurt small business owners especially with his get health insurance for your employees or pay a fine ideology.

Sarah Palin appeared on Saturday Night Live this weekend. I thought that her opening bit with Alec Baldwin was hilarious. I was really surprised that Alec Baldwin would even appear in the same room with Palin let alone interact with her. It was nice to see the two of them peacefully coexist and pull of a very funny skit. The skit on Weekend Update and the rap by Amy Poehler was off the chain funny. It was definitely a different side of Sarah Palin we all say there and the ratings for the show were through the roof.

John McCain's appearance on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace was exactly what I expected it to be. They discussed a variety of issues and topics. I found Chris Wallace to be a little hard on McCain but fair also. The issues I was most interested in hearing about were McCain's tax plan versus Obama's, campaign finance, and the impact of Obama breaking his written promise to accept public financing for his campaign when he was a long shot candidate for President. I though John McCain was very candid and humorous during the interview and he didn't back down from any of Wallace's questions.

There you have the weekends political news. Like I said it was very entertaining as well as informative. On the subject of the Powell endorsement I did some research and couldn't find any white, liberal, Democrat politicians that he has endorsed but I'm sure that his endorsement was not racially motivated. I found after much research that the information on Huckabee's show was extremely accurate. As I said palins SNL appearance was both funny and refreshing and considering most of the rest of that show boring the producers got lucky with her as far as their ratings go. The McCain Wallace interview was as I said very well done.

Do i think any of these things will change peoples minds on November 4th? No I don't, but I also don't think any of these events hurt John McCain. I also think some of this stuff will make Reagan Democrats, Independents, and NPA's take a closer look at what we will get with an Obama Presidency. Remember people polls, interviews, and political rallies in the end are not what counts. The only thing that counts is November 4th, 2008 and what you decide and do on that day. So stay informed, educate yourself, and get out there and vote because that's how you make a difference.

Have a wonderful day CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. Enjoy the video!!!!!


I really enjoy Huckabee's show on Fox. More than I thought I would, to be honest! I think it's a winning template, especially for a weekend show. I know I'll keep taping it.

You referenced both "Meet the Press" and FNS yesterday, neither of which I watched, though I plan to watch the Powell portion later tonight, since I did DVR it. I did see "This Week", was an all roundtable session with Tom Friedman, George Will (I'm a big fan), Newt Gingrich, David Gergen and Donna Brazile. The amazing thing about the whole hour was that they acted like Obama had already won, except for the perfunctory "if indeed he wins" which didn't get said more often than it did. You had to see it to believe it!

October 20, 2008 at 1:40 PM  

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