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The VP Debate

Hello everybody I thought i would go ahead and get today's post out early. As you know the Vice Presidential debate was on last night and this is what I'm going to discuss today so lets get started.

1st let me congratulate Gwen Ifill on a job well done I knew she would do the job of moderating the debate professionally. I thought she had a great group of questions to ask the candidates and I thought she was very fair with how she asked the questions and in how she treated the candidates so kudos to her.

With regards to Joe Biden I thought he did a very good job last night and I thought he proved that if he had to step in to the office of President of the United States he was ready to do so. I think he did a very good job of defending his tickets policies and defending Barack Obama as well. He is obviously a man with considerable experience in the arena of politics as last night proves.

As for Sarah Palin we all knew that this was to be a sort of consensus on her and her abilities to perform her duties and to step into the shoes as President should the need arise. I think she showed herself to be more than capable of performing her duties and educable enough to learn to be President if the need to do so arose. It was obvious to me and a few others I know that she is truly a Washington outsider and that was refreshing. It was very smart of her to point out that she has only been in national politics for five weeks and to say to both Biden and Ifill that she wasn't going to answer the questions the way the wanted her to but would speak directly to the people. I also think that she did a very good job of keeping McCains name in the forefront of her answers and comments.

Overall I think the debate was very well run, moderated, and showed the difference in policies between the two tickets. I also think that both candidates made statements that were not exactly true but were not serious enough to do either candidate or ticket any harm. Was there a game changer for either party in the debate last night I don't think so. In my overall view of the debate though I would have to say that the debate was a clear win for Sarah Palin and the McCain/Palin ticket. That is all I have for far. If they manage to pass a bailout bill for Wall Street I may have to comment on that. Otherwise have a grand weekend and I will see you all on Monday, CIAO4NOW!!!!!


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