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The topic for discussion today is the legitimacy or lack there of of an Obama Presidency should he be elected. I was not going to write about this subject today but I keep getting emails and information from certain political groups that I have an association with regarding this subject. the reason for this line of questioning from some political groups and private citizens revolves around his supposed lack of US citizenship. As you might already know you can't become President of the United States if you were not born in the US.

There is a serious question about Obama's birth certificate. Some say that it is not a birth certificate. The reason some people are challenging this document is the fact the it has no official seal stamp from the State of Hawaii upon it and that it says it is a certificate of live birth, which is not the same thing as a birth certificate. Add to this the fact that his maternal grandmother in Kenya says that she was at the hospital in Kenya the day that he was born there. If that is true then he would not be a natural born US citizen, unlike John McCain who was born in a military hospital in the Panama Canal Zone which was a US territory at the time, which makes him a natural born US citizen.

There is also the fact the due to the second marriage of his mother to an Indonesian national who took Obama to Indonesia where he attended school for four years. The reason this is important is because during the years that Obama was there Indonesia didn't allow for dual citizenship and to attend school there you had to be an Indonesian citizen. the only way for Obama to then become a US citizen would have been for him upon entering the US to become a naturalized citizen of the US. Naturalized citizen is not the same thing as natural born citizen.

I personally believe that Barack Hussein, Obama is in fact a US citizen. However I would like to have an answer to the question of his birth certificate to. But since Obama refuses to release any of his personal records such as his medical records, Harvard records, Columbia records or his Occidental college records i don't think he will answer the question, at least not right now.

There is currently a law suit brought by Phillip Berg the former Deputy Attorney General of Pennsylvania and a life long Democrat active in the party and a former candidate in many state senate an gubernatorial races. The law suit currently in Federal court challenging Obama's citizenship is asking for the release of all relevant documents and there is also currently a motion to dismiss from Obama's attorney's in the suit. The judge does not have to grant the motion to dismiss and can order discovery. That would force Obama to release all relevant documents. Obama's legal team is currently waiting on a decision to their requested motion and is hoping to stall everything till after the election.

That is all I have for you today. You will have to look at all the evidence and decide what you believe. I am including the photo of the certificate of live birth and a video emailed to me from a friend of mine that prompted this post i hope you watch it. Have an awesome day and CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. I still don't know what you folks want me to write about on Friday so don't be shy and let me know.


This is definitely interesting and I'm interested to know what comes of it. I really hope that the courts don't hold this up because I feel the American people deserve the truth BEFORE election day. Otherwise I think the people should rise up and show how unhappy they are.

October 22, 2008 at 12:43 PM  

At this point the mainstream biased media doesn't care. I feel hopeless, the constitution has gone down the drain. I don't think that anything will come out of this, but I do wonder if this will set a precedent that anyone legal or illegal will be able to run for president. This definitely sets a precedent IMO.

October 22, 2008 at 9:48 PM  

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