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Hi ya’ll, its time for the 2nd installment of my blogging subject of the week, immigration and border security. The target of today’s discussion is Barack Obama and his policies on the afore-mentioned subjects. Let’s see if we can make a go of understanding where he is coming from, and looking at his policy on comprehensive immigration reform.

First let’s discuss border security. Obama says he believes in the preservation of our borders though additional personnel, infrastructure, and technology at the border, and our ports of entry, as well as better real time intelligence. I really couldn’t find anything else that he has said on the subject. However, I might add that Obama has stated that he doesn’t see securing our borders as a matter of national defense.

Second is the subject of immigration, and here he seems to have a more complex plan. First of all, he believes that our current immigration system is broken and has been exploited by politicians to divide the country, rather than finding real solutions. He states that this has allowed the problem of illegal immigration to worsen. As a result he has played a leading role in crafting comprehensive immigration reform.

Some of the things in his immigration reform policy include bringing people out of hiding. He believes these people would like to become full members of our society. For those trying to play by the rules, he supports a system whereby they pay a fine, learn English, go to the back of the line to get in, and obey the laws of our nation. Another important piece of legislation he supports is a bill that would increase the speed and accuracy of F.B.I. background checks on immigrants. He also wants to go after employers that hire undocumented workers, and create an employment eligibility verification system so employers can identify legally eligible workers in the U.S.

Last but not least, and something I very much believe in, is his support for honoring our immigrant troops. Better than 69,000 foreign born people serve in our country’s military, and roughly 29,000 are not U.S. citizens, and more than 100 of these immigrant soldiers have died in combat. He believes these soldiers should have an expedited path to citizenship.

As far as I can ascertain, these are Obama’s positions on immigration and border security. Of course you can read his policy paper on this for yourself, and I recommend you do. That is all I have on Obama for this right now, but I will keep watching him to see what he says and does between now and election day, because I’m sure that if he has the opportunity he will make the Dream Act a reality, and everything I wrote will be off the table and all bets are off. Have a great day, and I’ll see you on Friday for part 3 of these subjects as it pertains to Governor Janet Napolitano of my state Arizona, and my final words on these very important subjects.


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