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Well folks, it's time for another post, so here we go, and this one is on the candidates energy policy. So bear with me, while I sort through it for you.

Lets start with Obama today. He says he realizes the pain Americans are feeling at the pump, so he agrees we should be exploring, and drilling for more oil. However, he says we should not drill in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, nor on the Outer Continental Shelf, but instead should concentrate on the areas already under lease, and available for these things. He also said he would roll back the Bush tax cuts that were given to the oil companies, for exploration, and drilling. He said as president he would invest 150 billion dollars over ten years, to advance the next generation of carbon fuels, and fuel infrastructure. He said he would invest federal resources to deploy cellulosic ethanol, with the goal of having the first 2 billion gallons in the system by 2013. He also states that his plan will reduce U.S. dependency on foreign oil by at least 35 percent, by 2030. He will also institute programs for the development, of other energy technologies such as wind, solar, and geothermal. As well as promote new fuel efficient cars being manufactured here, rather than overseas. From what I can see, he has many different ideas for bringing us to, or near energy independence in the next 30 years.

McCain also believes we should explore for, and drill for more oil, including on the Outer Continental Shelf. However, he also doesn't believe we should do anything in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. He also stated that he would increase the tax cuts for the oil industry. He is also interested in developing clean energy resources, extracting our natural gas resources, and reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and achieving strategic independence. He says we can do this by 2025. McCain also says he is for a temporary federal gas tax holiday, to alleviate pain at the pump. He wants to increase the roll of flex fuel vehicles in our transportation sector. He is promoting a 300 million dollar prize to promote battery technology for full commercial development, of plug in hybrid, and fully electric automobiles.

They both seem to have very similar ideas when it comes to their energy policies. However I would ask Mr. Obama, what could possibly be the benefit of removing the tax cuts awarded to the oil companies, and raising the taxes against them when the federal government already makes more profit from taxes on a barrel of oil, and a gallon of gasoline, than the oil companies make in net profit on the same barrel, and gallon, and the federal government does absolutely nothing for this revenue now. And while I agree, that we should do everything in our power to achieve strategic oil independence from foreign oil, I am also aware that most of the experts state we couldn't see any relief at the consumer end of the problem for at least 5, to 7 years. There are a few differing opinions on that subject saying it could be as soon as 1, to 2 years. Again, it is an opinion also. We would have to manufacture new refining facilities, as part of the new infrastructure, that would need to be created for the exploration, and drilling of new locations, and these refineries would need to be completed before the reserves were pulled out of the ground. I also believe that if there is as much oil in ANWR, as we are led to believe, I see no reason why we shouldn't go, and get it. We would require only 2000 acres, of the 20 million up there for the purpose, and according to the industry experts, you wouldn't even know we had been there. One other point, that has been failed to be mentioned by either candidate to any of the voting public, is what it would cost the tax payer, to implement any of their plan's, and just how much more damage, can the average consumer sustain, to accomplish these task's they have laid out for us.

That's it in a nutshell folk's. Now it's up to you to decide whose policies you support. Just remember to ask yourselves, the question's you believe are important to you, and your decision, do some research of your own, and then decide. See you all on Friday.


you know you have a good point.and both obama and maccain have alot to prove to the american people..what gets me so bad is how were spending so much money overseas to help these other countries and we can even help our own country..we have ppl starving..some cant afford gas to drive to work .wow i get really mad about this subject..makes me sick to know our own country is doing this to our ppl..USA is the most richest country there is but is robbing the citzens blind..ty for sharing Tim and cant wait for ur next blog!!

July 25, 2008 at 9:10 AM  

ok .let me start by saying,wait till u start paying $1.50 to $1.80 a litre for your petrol, convert it to gallons,its way more than wat you ppl pay,i was lucky last night to get it for $1.38 ltr. so in some small way,you are better off in fuel costs than us. Going from experience,i do not believe any candidates that will say they will improve fuel costs,will do anything about it.its a pollitical agenda to get them into power. we all no the government,no matter wat country they are from, reeks from the money of petrol costs. i remember only a few yrs ago petrol was under a $1,n look at it now here. it will be an ongoing issue for yrs to come. THE RICHER GET RICHER.THE POORER GET POORER. keep it up tim, i love compareing our 2 countrys... ur doin a great job...

July 29, 2008 at 5:04 PM  

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