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Good day my friends, it seems we have made it to Friday, which is a good thing, another blessing from god. We get one more day with our families and friends, and a chance to peruse my last post of the week. Today’s post is on Arizona Governor Napolitano’s position on the subject of border security, and immigration, followed by my own thoughts on the subject. I hope you ready, here we go.

Governor Napolitano’s positions on border security and immigration on the surface seem to reflect a person who believes that a secure border and legal immigration are necessary for the safety and prosperity of Arizonans. Governor Napolitano says we need more personnel, technology, and infrastructure on the border to secure it, as well as comprehensive immigration reform to address the 12 million already here illegally and those in the future that are sure to come. It also includes more aggressive stance against employers, who continue to violate the law by not verifying their employee’s eligibility to work in the US, and employ undocumented workers.

However, in April of this year Governor Napolitano vetoed legislation, (HB 2807) requiring law enforcement to do more to crack down on illegal immigration, despite strong bipartisan support for the bill saying it isn’t necessary because state law doesn’t preclude local police agencies from entering into agreements with the federal government to have their officers certified to stop, question, and detain people here illegally. She wrote, “A legislative mandate to that effect is unnecessary” and could end up being a 100 million dollar drain on the already over-tapped state treasury. For the record she vetoed the bill after officers of Somos America wrote her stating this bill would amplify sweeps, violate (individuals) civil liberties, the very things that Sheriff Joe Arpaio is accused of doing in his sweeps, and raids in Maricopa County, and often results in costly litigation.

This week you have all seen the positions of the three people who’s positions on these subjects are very important to me, because two wish to be president of the United States, and one is the Governor of the state of Arizona where I live, which is a border state. I feel that these three people are all for amnesty for the illegal immigrants already here, and if we aren’t careful they will give it to them. I also believe that only one of them is at all serious about border security, and would do anything about it. However, this is only because his party is using it as a political platform from which to run their campaigns and to bash the other party.

I personally believe that we should pursue, detain, and deport as many of these people as we can find, and send a message to the people who are trying to get here, and the world in general, that we won’t tolerate the crime of coming here illegally to work, not to mention some of the heinous crimes they perpetrate on the citizens of this nation like DUI, driving with no insurance and drivers licenses, rape, murder, drug trafficking, ect ect ect. I also believe that if you are here illegally you should not receive sanctuary from any city, or organization, and since you have committed a federal crime, these cities and organizations have also, and these cities and organizations should also be aggressively prosecuted for their crimes as well. I do believe for the record Mr. Obama that this is a matter of national security. There have already been detentions of people of middle-eastern descent crossing our borders with the intent to commit terrorist acts in the US. I also think as we draw down our military presence in Iraq, and re-enforce our troops in Afghanistan, we should put our national guard on the borders with the authority to enforce the laws of this nation with all of their capabilities, increase our number of border patrol officers, build the damn fence bull strong and pig tight from the pacific to the gulf coast, and patrol it aggressively. Remove these watering and supply stops in the deserts, and utilize all the technology we have available, including UAV’s and other relevant aircraft to support the aforementioned solutions.

That is all for this today, and this week. I hope you all read this, and give it serious consideration, especially the US citizens who are reading my blogs. Hold your senators, and congressmen accountable for your safety and that of your countrymen. I wish you all health, wealth, wisdom, and happiness. Have an awesome weekend, and I will see you all again Monday with something else I hope you will find interesting


Great blog as usual. I agree that illegal aliens should be deported because as you've stated, crime rates are up and our governments take care of them when they should be worrying about their own people.

I dont know much about your governor, but I do know this happens all over and in all countries. Seems they deport one or two here or there, and expect us to be pacified by their efforts. I think its about time this becomes a serious matter to all officials, then maybe trauma as in 911 would not happen. Keep making us think.. huggs Joy

August 1, 2008 at 7:59 AM  

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