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You all know the 1992 movie Distinguished Gentleman starring Eddie Murphy who plays a con man that swindles his way into congress on name recognition. Well it appears that we may actually have a real life story that echoes the movie playing out right now in South Carolina. The candidate's name is Alvin Greene and absolutely no one knew who this guy was until after the dust of the Democratic Party primary for Republican incumbent Jim DeMint’s senate seat had settled.

Once it had become apparent that this man had won the Democratic primary to challenge DeMint for the seat Democrat Party officials began to urge Mr. Greene to quit the race against DeMint possibly to install their own and probably well known candidate in his place. Some of the Democratic Party’s top lawmakers have even gone as far as to suggest that Mr. Greene is a Republican plant to stop opposition against DeMint who is seeking another term in the Senate.

Alvin Greene is an unemployed military veteran who is a citizen of the state of South Carolina. There have also been reports that Mr. Greene has been charged with a felony involving a college student and pornographic material. Mr. Green who is unemployed has also paid out more than $10,000 to enter the senate race and contends that it was his own money. House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D) has accused Mr. Greene of accepting the money from an as yet unknown contributor and should be federally investigated.

In an interview Mr. Greene was asked how he had won and replied that South Carolinians were able to relate to him more so than to his opponent Vic Rawl (D). That may be true for all we know, or maybe I can suggest an alternative reason for Mr. Greene winning the Tuesday Primary. Maybe Mr. Alvin Greene won purely on name recognition. Maybe more South Carolina Democrats like singer Albert Greene’s (Al Green) voice more than Vic Rawls message.

Whatever the reasons were for Alvin Greene winning the Democratic Primary in South Carolina, Mr. Green has flatly stated that he will not withdraw from the race much to the chagrin and consternation of Dem Party officials in the state. I say more power to the guy since he obviously doesn’t reek of Washington politics and business as usual inside the beltway. I will also say that if the Dem’s in South Carolina are dumb enough or smart enough to vote for him, this remains to be seen, well then good for him. I will also say that the Democratic Party may well get what they deserve in that state too.

That’s it for now from Simple Man Politics and until next time we meet CIAO4NOW!!!!!


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