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The End Of An Era…..

It most certainly is the end of an era particularly on the Senate side of Congress. Earlier this morning in a hospital in Fairfax, VA, Senator Robert Byrd (D) WV passed away. You heard me right the pork king, former KKK member, and ultimate senatorial power player has finally passed away after becoming the longest serving and eldest member of the Senate body. However, I cannot just say negative things about Bob I have to say something good about the man too, because I am sure, he had to have done some good, or why else would he be undefeated in every election he ran in.

One good thing I can say about Mr. Byrd is the fact the he was a stalwart defender of the U.S. Constitution and recognized as the foremost authority on matters of constitution within the U.S. Senate. Another good thing I can say about Senator Byrd is the fact that he fiercely defended the right of both the Senate and the House of Representatives to keep any Presidential administration from usurping any Congressional powers. That is right it did not matter whether the President was a Republican or a Democrat he kept their hand out of the cookie jar.

Make no mistake though Robert Byrd is most certainly a Democrat although at one time he was considered the most conservative of that party. What does the loss of Byrd mean politically though? I do not think it means much since the Governor of West Virginia will appoint a person to replace Byrd until the 2012 election and the Governor is a Democrat. However, it does lose a critical vote for the ruling Democratic Party in the Senate for a bit, and it also puts on hold legislation that both the administration as well as the majority party in both houses of Congress consider necessary to advance their agenda.

My personal opinion is that now that Robert Byrd has passed away that the U.S. Senate will lose some of its prestige. However considering the current political climate after the mid-term elections this year I do not think that either Byrd’s Senate seat and vote would have mattered anyway. What does matter with regard to the passing of the Senates greatest orator is that both houses of Congress have lost their greatest and toughest defender. I think that not only will the administration now attempt to gain control even more, but also I think that the Democrats in the Senate will further slip into mediocrity.

That is all for now form Simple Man Politics, but I will be back again soon. Have a marvelous Monday my friends, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

P.S. Rest in Peace Mr. Byrd.


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