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Today is the confirmation hearing for Senator Hillary R, Clinton to be confirmed as the new Secretary of State. Since I know that she will not have a problem being confirmed and that we will hear all the liberal left rhetoric as well as all of the pre-requisite mutual butt kissing that goes on at this sort of thing with both political party’s I am not going to write about that today. Instead I am going to write about the subject of global warming and climate change.

For many years now I have heard all sorts of bad news with regard to global warming, climate change, and greenhouse gases. Most if not all of this information or should I say misinformation has come from the far left liberal wing of the Democratic Party and those eco terrorists who tell lies about everything from the dangers of off shore drilling and oil exploration to the damage done to our ozone layer and greenhouse gas emissions.

They cite the fact that we have had a couple of years with record breaking heat in the summers. They say that the polar iced cap is melting fast because of global warming. They tell us that greenhouse gas emissions are damaging the ozone layer. They are telling us that humans are leaving to large a carbon footprint on the face of the earth. The last and greatest big lie told by these fear mongers is that we could have a catastrophic climate change in a few years if we don’t change. Now I’ve done some research and quite a lot of it I might add and this is what I have found out.

Global Warming:

With regard to these record breaking heat waves we have experienced over a couple of summers in the last few years. While we have in fact had a couple of summers with above average heat, in the last three years we have experienced two years with above average cold and freezing temperatures. Their experts will tell you that this is further proof that we are experiencing global warming. However more than five hundred prominent scientists have debunked that theory and say that if anything the opposite is true.

Polar Ice Cap:

They say that the fact that the polar ice cap is melting is very indicative of global warming and its dangers to the world. The same scientists who have debunked to theory of planetary temperatures due to heat and clod contributing to global warming have also debunked this one. They tell us that for this to be a sign of danger to the planet oceanographically it would have to result in a rise of water temperatures in the oceans, but the reverse is true the temperatures have actually cooled a couple of degrees.

Greenhouse Gases and the Ozone Layer:

The lefts very own climatologists have suggested that greenhouse gases are responsible for damages to the ozone layer and we are the biggest culprits. According to a group of climatologists and scientists who do agree that greenhouse gases are the reason for damage to the ozone layer tell us that the biggest example of damage to the ozone layer are over the Amazon rain forest, which by the way is the biggest greenhouse in the world. This is obviously not the work of industry or any other man made system.

Carbon Footprints:

The eco activists are very fond of saying that the carbon footprints that we as a society as well as each of us individually have a negative effect on the environment we live in. While this may be true there has been no scientific evidence to date proving that we are doing any serious damage to the worlds eco systems according to several world renowned scientists and a couple of studies on the subject.

Oil Drilling and Exploration:

As far as I can tell the only danger to the ecological well being of the planet where oil exploration, drilling, and transport of petroleum is concerned is in the transport phase of the operations. Once again science has disproved the myth that drilling for oil is bad for the oceans. Science has proven in recent years that there is more dumped into the worlds oceans through natural seepage through the oceans floors than from drilling. The reason being that pressure builds up under the ocean floor and pushes the oil out into the water through seeps or cracks that are caused by the pressure.


In summation I have found out that most of the things that these fear mongering ecologists cite as facts are in no way the truth, and have been thoroughly disproven by both men and women of science at least as reputable as their own. It is basically agreed upon by many of these people that the planetary activities regarding these events are cyclical, and is nature’s way of caring for itself. Considering also the fact that we have only been monitoring the earth and these events for a short time I cannot lend any credibility to these activists’ claims.

I will agree that protecting our natural resources and our environment is not only very important, but in some cases is a matter of national security. I will further agree that there are things that we can and should do to help protect our environment as well. However I will not for one solitary minute allow the lies being told about this topic to go unanswered.

The simple truth is that we as a nation and the world as a whole have grown into an immense population and the more of us there are the more there are going to be causal effects to our planet. That does not mean that we are all going to suffer from intense heat, extreme cold, and exposure to toxic gases and the entire race of man will pass into extinction. What it does mean is that we need to be very careful how we treat Mother Nature because she does provide for all of our needs.

Have a terrific Tuesday my friends and I will see you all again soon, CIAO4NOW!!!!!


Excellent post. I agree with you 100%. The left wing "crazies" always have to have something to harp about so they can get everyone upset and win their elections.

People with even half a brain should see through all this. After all, Al Gore was one of the main people behind the "global warming" movement, and let us not forget, this is the man who supposedly "Invented" the internet.......need I say anything more?????????

January 13, 2009 at 3:50 PM  

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