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Well folks, today is the day we inaugurate our 44th President Mr. Barack Hussein, Obama. This is definitely an historical event after all he is our first black President. When I was born and growing up absolutely no one I knew even remotely thought it would have been possible to elect a black man or woman as President. Yet here we are almost 46 years after my birth and now it is going to happen. I believe that in some respects our country has come a long way since the birth of this nation only a short time ago.

However he comes along at a time when our country is in great turmoil with the economy in shambles, over a trillion dollars in debt, and heading for another trillion dollars in bailouts to several industries. Not to mention the two wars that we are currently fighting in the Middle East. Last but not least there are the two wars we are waging here at home on both energy independence and illegal immigration. To exercise my talent for understatement I would say he has a lot on his plate.

I think to help him out with some of his problems he has made some good choices in who he has appointed and nominated to fill key posts in his administration. I was very surprised and impressed that he had the foresight to keep Secretary of Defense Bob Gates at the post even though he is a Republican and Bush appointee. I also liked his choice of retired General James Jones USMC as his National Security Advisor. Retired Admiral Dennis Blair as the National Intelligence director is another good choice I think Obama made. All three of these gentlemen are extremely capable and talented men in the fields of intelligence and national security.

On the other side of his picks I think he made some critical errors in appointments and nominations. Of these I think that his pick to be the Global Warming Czar Carol Browner is probably the worst one. This woman is a committed socialist and has no business being any where near the White House. By the way what do we need a Global Warming Czar for any way.

Tim Geithner is another bad choice as Secretary of the Treasury. This guy falsifies his tax records and fails to pay his taxes for more than six years on a domestic employee and we are supposed to trust this criminal. If he will lie about his own finances why wouldn’t he lie about the taxpayers finances? He should be prosecuted just like any one of us on Main Street would be.

Former Governor of the State of Arizona Janet Napolitano is not even a good lesser of two evils choice for the Director of Homeland Security. As a resident of her state I can tell you that she has never done one solitary thing to secure our borders or to defend the citizens of Arizona. All she has ever done is thwart the federal government in its efforts to enforce immigration laws and has supported sanctuary cities here. She has also tried to block Maricopa County Sherriff Joe Arpaio in his efforts to combat illegal immigration as well.

The nomination of Leon Panetta to be Director of Central Intelligence is not the best pick either, but the man has had high level security and intel briefings in the past as White House Chief of Staff under President Clinton. He also has a reputation for getting the job done. Answering to Dennis Blair will be good for him to and he may learn something and ultimately become a very capable intelligence figure.

Two final thoughts before I go. Number one I understand that Obama took the same train route that Republican President Abraham Lincoln took on his way to D.C. I think it is a good thing that Obama looks up to and respects a great Republican President. I hope he realizes that he isn’t Lincoln or even his equal. Number two I’m glad that he celebrated Martin Luther King yesterday, because King is man worth remembering and celebrating. However Obama isn’t Dr. King either and he shouldn’t be compared with this historical figure either.

That is it for today my friends. I hope you all have a terrific Tuesday and I will be back again soon, CIAo4NOW!!!!!

P.S. Congratulations Mr. Obama I wish you the best of luck in your new administration, but don’t let us down!!!!!


I will agree with you that Obama has definitely made history and is going to face some serious challenges. I even wish Obama all the luck in the world, but I fear that he will let us down and fail miserably.

January 21, 2009 at 9:13 AM  

First of all, I think the "making history" thing is a little over rated. After all, Obama isn't really "African American."

Obama's mother is white and his father is Kenyan. This is no "African American" president. I think this is so silly.

In reality, you can't even say he's the first "black" president, much less the 1st "African American" one.

It's like someone that was part white and part from Indian (from India) getting in the white house and say..."I'm the first Native American president."

Yeah Right.....

January 22, 2009 at 11:37 AM  

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