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Today In Politics.....

It appears that today’s blog is going to be a conglomeration of political information today. As you know I do this sort of thing once or twice a month. The reason I usually do so is that there is more than one topic that needs addressing at the time, so I do so. Also I do them because this is my blog and I can do what I want when I want. Anyways lets get started shall we?

Item #1
Thanks to all of you who have voted in my poll over the last week. It appears that 81% of you thought that Sarah Palin was an effective and intelligent VP candidate compared to just 18% of you who thought otherwise. Unfortunately only 11 of you voted so I am not sure if this is an accurate account of the views of my readers on this topic.

Item #2
Since the auto industry bail out bill was stalled in the US Senate it now appears that the White House will step in and throw the Big Three in Detroit a lifeline. Now instead of costing the taxpayer a mere 14 billion dollars it may cost us as much as 40 billion dollars. A portion of that money will also go to the UAW, so I guess we are bailing out labor unions now to. This sounds very socialist to me, but then again anyone with an ounce of common sense saw us moving in that direction anyway.

Item #3
On Friday Democratic Senatorial Candidate Al Franken of Minnesota won two important concessions in the state regarding his campaign. One win for him was the state canvassing boards ruling to include as many as 1500 incorrectly rejected absentee ballots. The other win for him was the boards ruling to use election night results instead of recount results in a Franken leaning Minneapolis precinct. However Franken communications director Andy Barr has said that when the board meets on Tuesday it will have fewer than 500 challenged ballots to review from the Franken campaign.

Item #4
It seems that Governor Rod Blagojevich of Illinois may support a special run off election to fill Barack Obama’s senate seat in that state. At this time Blagojevich still refuses to resign in the wake of the pay and play politics scandal that is rocking his administration. The Illinois state legislature is convening a special session today and calls for Blagojevich’s impeachment are ringing in the halls in Springfield Illinois.

Item #5
I think SNL did cross the line with their live skit portraying New York Governor David Paterson as disoriented and befuddled due to his blindness. It is a cheap and vindictive attack against an American who has made something of his life in spite of his handicap. I believe that the head of SNL and his staff should issue an apology to the Governor immediately. As a parent of a handicapped person I will not watch SNL again until they issue an apology and retract the skit.

Well that is all I have for today’s post. I hope you all enjoy it. I also hope that the next time I do a poll more of you vote in it. I would also appreciate some suggestions as to what to write about on Friday’s, as it has always been my plan to leave that day open for what you want to know about. I will be back again soon so have a wonderful day, CIAO4NOW!!!!!


It seems like there is a lot of stuff going on out there. I am really surprised though that more people did not participate in your poll.

December 15, 2008 at 9:25 PM  

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