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Well so much for negotiations with the UAW. It appears that they won’t revisit the subject of labor wages again. Senator Bob Corker told the union that the bailout would pass if they agreed to bring labor costs into line with those of foreign auto makers based here in the US. The failure of the UAW to agree to set a date to lower wages is one of the reasons that derailed the bill yesterday.

It appears that UAW chief Ron Gettelfinger will not even consider re-entering those conversations because he believes that the White House will dig into the 700 billion dollar T.A.R.P. fund to bail out the Big Three. Another thing that helped to stall the bill in the Senate was the unwillingness of the UAW to make or discuss concessions about labor retirement packages. Although the UAW did concede that the job bank would have to go.

The only thing I have to left to say on this subject today is “way to go President Bush”. It now appears that our fearless leader and member of the Republican Party. He is now no different than the tax and spend liberals who will be running two of the three branches of government in January. The only difference being is that while he is spending like crazy he isn’t taxing like crazy. But why should he worry about creating a bigger deficit he’s just going to dump it on Obama anyway.

I will see you all next week, and I hope you all have an awesome weekend, CIAO4NOW!!!!!

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My god all of these companies are out of control. Bail us out is all they can say. They refuse to help themselves out, and now they all want to be entitled to aid. Instead of entitlement programs for people we are making them for companies.

December 14, 2008 at 11:16 PM  

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