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As you all know I am somewhat of a political animal and as a result I couldn’t help boring my kids with the coverage of the Healthcare debate and vote in House of Representatives yesterday. The end of all of this culminated in my complete and utter disbelief that they actually passed the Senate version of the Healthcare Monstrosity through the Lower House.

After all of the votes were counted and guaranteed the payoffs to those whose votes were purchased we were treated to speeches by both President Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. In their speeches they both indicated that they had passed this bill for the people, even though almost three quarters of the US population were dead set against the bill. The truth is they didn’t do this for the people they did it to the people.

You know I have to wonder just how great this Healthcare bill is going to be for the American people. Why would they need 16,000+ new IRS/Treasury agents because of this new bill? IS it because they know all about healthcare or is it because they know how to enforce the tax code. Yep this sounds like a very tax payer friendly bill to me, and I am sure it has nothing to do with new taxes because Obama doesn’t lie.

Since it is the Senate version of the healthcare bill that has passed I wonder if tax payer funded abortion is the new law of the land. After all the language to support using tax payer funding abortion is in this bill. Nancy Pelosi and her cohorts expect this to be repaired in the senate through reconciliation, are they crazy? The Republicans now have 41 votes and can filibuster now, and not only that but why would the senate fix the bill for the lower house when this is the bill they want?

Another big problem with the new Healthcare Bill is the language within it that supports healthcare for Illegal Aliens at tax payer expense as well. I find this to be fortuitous for the Democrats since Comprehensive Immigration Reform is the next thing they want to tackle. Unfortunately for the Progressive Left I think that President Obama may have expended all of his political capitol on the Healthcare bill and Immigration Reform will have to wait for now.

Of course now all of the Congressmen and women will have to go home and answer to their constituents for passing the government takeover of one sixth of the American economy despite the tax payer majority who were against the move. I am sure this has made the mid-term elections for them interesting because they are all up for reelection unless they are going to retire in November 2010.

Well that is all for now from Simple Man Politics, but I am sure that I will be back again soon. I hope all of you have a great week full of health, wisdom, happiness, and wealth, although I am sure that at least 2 of those things will be even less possible very soon. I will talk to you all later my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!


Great post. You are definitely right. This is not for the people. It was all about politics and not at all about what the people in this country want. We didn't want it. Just wait, the people will STILL be heard!

March 22, 2010 at 4:53 PM  

I feel like I have been defecated upon. Sure, health care needs some changes but this travesty of a bill didn't even address the root of the problems. Could it be because most of the Congressmen voting on it are lawyers and the first step in truly making health care more affordable is tort reform? Maybe those voting for this bill also want to legalize illegal immigrants when they should be deported and more kept from coming in. The left knows those illegals will vote left.

March 22, 2010 at 10:37 PM  

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