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Welcome back to Simple Man Politics today my friends. Today I want to talk a little bit about that great lie known as Global Warming or Climate Change. My timing is appropriate on this subject considering that our President is in Copenhagen right now to discuss this subject and seems more than willing to give in to their demands. This scares me considerable because they plan to hold the United States solely responsible and force us to pay a considerable sum of tax payer money to support the Global Warming/Climate Change lie.

There has recently been some illumination on the subject of the climate and the lack of real scientific evidence to back it up. Climate gate is on such truth that has recently surfaced that contradicts the science of Global Warming. It appears that some emails and documents from the Climate research Unit at the University of East Anglia have surfaced that exposes a very political scientific group. These are the same people whose research is the foundation that the Copenhagen conference is based upon.

It appears that this group destroyed records, documents, and other data that hid scientific evidence that global temperatures are in decline. These very same people also have attempted to silence their peers who have views that are in opposition to their own. These documents were also found to contain information that showed that the CRU crowd could not even reach a consensus on the subject of Climate Change. Many scientists also had serious doubts as to the accuracy of the models used to estimate temperatures just a century ago.

Then of course there is the Al Gore blunder from his appearance at the Copenhagen summit as well. It seems that during Al Gores speech he claimed that the Arctic could be totally ice free within five years. This by itself is an absurd claim, but Al Gore went even further by claiming that the numbers he mentioned were not only fresh but suggested that some of the models used to make this prediction were verified by Dr. Wieslav Maslowski who said that there was a 75% chance of this happening. A claim the good doctor denied when approached by reporters in Copenhagen while attending the Gore speech.

Luckily for the American tax payer it appears that a lot of the key elements of the deal that they attempting to make are unraveling right before their eyes. It is also a good thing that a lot of representatives from developing nations have walked out on the summit leaving the possibility of any deal being reached unlikely. Still the loony, leftist, socialist fringe who is still in attendance at the moment will try very hard to push their agenda, which is the complete subjugation of the United States to their will using Climate Change as the cudgel to beat us with.

One more thing before you consider lending any support for President Obama on this and his own Climate Change agenda. You should consider what it is that he gets out of any of this. We already know that Al Gore is a liar and only wants the money he and his company will make in the wake of legitimizing the hoax known as Global Warming. The same is true for those in the scientific community who have been perpetuating this lie. I just wonder what our esteemed Commander in Grief will wind up with.

That is all for now from us here at Simple Man Politics and I hope you have enjoyed reading this blog today. There is however one more thing that I would ask you to do and that is to view the video I am including with this post today. I think it will shed a little more light on what they hope to achieve with the Copenhagen summit. When I saw this clip I was more than a little furious with what I heard. I hope you all have a glorious weekend and a great Christmas. I will see you all later my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!


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