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The last few months have seen a lot of hot, heavy, and intense debate on the issue of healthcare reform, or health insurance reform, which ever it is now. I can’t remember which it is they seem to change according to how President Obama’s road blocked by protesters or his mood at the time. I simply cannot wait to see which it will be when he gives his speech to congress today.

Frankly I am very surprised that President Obama would even go this route in an attempt to gain support for healthcare reform when he can’t even get his own party on board with him. Nancy Pelosi and others in the Democratic leadership of the lower house have said they would not support a bill without a public option, while other house Democrats have said they wouldn’t support a bill with a public option.

The Democratic Party is not the only opposition that President Obama is facing when it comes to healthcare or health insurance reform either. There is been a torrential flood of opposition to this bill from Main Street as well. I am talking about actual citizens whom this bill will directly affect both young and old alike. Unfortunately for the Democrats and the ram it through style these people have read the house bill.

The evidence of tax payer dissatisfaction has been obvious in many Town Hall style meetings held over the August recess, especially at the Town Hall events held by Congressmen and Senators who are members of the Democratic Party. It has not done these members any favors to have organized labor and groups like acorn astroturfing for them either. Most of these politicians know now that if they vote in support of this bill it could cost them their re-elections.

Yet none of this opposition seems to be very important to President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. All they can see is their chance to use and abuse the power they currently have because their party controls both houses of congress and the White House. They never even felt the need to read the damn bill and understand it, because the felt that they have the right to pass it whether it hurts the American people or not.

Of course President Obama will give his speech without going into specifics, but with the belief that his words alone will be enough for everyone to suddenly realize that he is right simply because he says so. Of course Pelosi and Reid will still push their own agenda’s whether they are in line with Obama’s agenda or not. In the end what we will all hear and see is business as usual in Washington, which in this case is nothing but more spending and deficits the tax payer will be responsible for

That is all for now from Simple Man Politics on this subject. I will however leave all of you with another thought and that is what kind of damage will the Cap and Trade bill do? Make no mistake that is for sure the next big fight we have against big government and out of control taxing and spending. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday my friends CIAO4NOW!!!!!


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