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Before I get started today I just want to say something about the deadly plane crash that occurred last night just outside Buffalo New York. First I would like to say that my heart goes out to the families of the 50 victims of that tragic accident, and that they will be in prayers as I’m sure they will be in all of yours.

I would also like to address the impact of the death of the 9/11 widow on board Mrs. Beverly Eckert who lost her childhood sweetheart and husband in the terrible attack on the World Trade Center. She was on her way to Buffalo to celebrate the 58th birthday of her late husband to award the scholarship she established in his honor to the two students who had won it. She is a hero after the fact of 9/11 but a hero none the less having found something positive out of the ashes of the rubble of the towers and the loss of her true love.

May all of you the victims of this grave accident REST IN PEACE!!!!!

Now on to easy part of this blog post. Today I want to talk about both the stimulus and the withdrawal of Senator Judd Gregg from consideration for the Secretary of the Department of Commerce. Both of these subjects are very important since on has already happened and the other will happen shortly. The consequences of each will most certainly be felt by the American people.

With regard to the 790 Billion Dollar stimulus package that is going to be voted on in both houses of Congress. The lower house under Speaker Pelosi stands ready to vote on the package as early as today and will certainly pass it by a partisan vote along party lines. I do not expect any of the house Republicans to vote in favor of the bill and I agree that they shouldn’t.

The Senate will also attempt to pass the bill as soon as the lower house does pass it. The problem is that three RINO (Republicans In Name Only) senators appear to be in support of this pork laden monstrosity incorrectly labeled a stimulus bill. I fervently hope that the majority party in the Senate does not get the GOP votes needed to pass the bill at least until the rest of the pork is removed and replaced with other programs that will actually stimulate the economy.

Judd Gregg’s vote may actually keep the Dem’s from getting the 60 votes needed to pass the bill and hopefully the renegade RINO’s supporting it will get back into line with their party’s faithful and oppose it as well. If this bill does pass the Senate and reaches the Presidents desk our economy may be at risk of suffering even greater damage as a result.

Now we move on to the Judd Gregg withdrawal from consideration for the Dept of Commerce. I agree that that when the President does ask you to serve in his cabinet that it is an offer and honor not to be taken lightly. However in light of the Obama administrations positions on both the stimulus and the removal of the census from the Dept of Commerce I can understand Gregg’s reluctance to accept the post both philosophically and practically.

He had a serious philosophical difference with the administration on the stimulus as well as the potential politicization of the census by moving it into the white Houses purview, which would have greatly politicized the census. I congratulate him on his insightful decision to withdraw and I hope he can be instrumental in putting a stop to both the stimulus bill and the census issue.

That is it for today my friends I hope you all have a magnificent weekend and an awesome Valentines Day. I will be back again next week, CIAO4NOW!!!!!


We definitely should be keeping the families of the victims of 3407 in our prayers!

I agree with you on the stimulus bill. I definitely hope someone stands in the way and keeps it from being passed. They'll be my next hero. LOL.

February 13, 2009 at 5:08 PM  

Great blog Tim. I would hope that the Senate Republicans would all vote against the stimulus bill, but unfortunately I think the rinos will help to hold the door open for the first of many socialist attempts at taking over the Government and the nation.

February 13, 2009 at 10:10 PM  

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